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The game with title Battlefield Mobile can become the best game and replace titles like Call of Duty Mobile or Free Fire and it could become best competitor for BGMI. Battlefield Mobile contains the best graphics and this game is in the developing stage. On April, 2021 EA. Dice announced about this game and now they have recently launched the beta apk so if you want to Download Battlefield Mobile Apk then you are at right place guys today in this article you will get both the information about how to download Battlefield Mobile APK OBB on android so Read this full article and now let’s get started.

battlefield mobile apk download

First of all you have to download Battlefield Mobile APK “0.5.119 version from the link given below or pre-registration apk + data files direct link size 766MB is also there in this article. A DICE given us a hint of Battlefield Mobile on April,2021 now the beta is released for all android devices now every one can Play this there is requirements of specs to play this game without any lag only you should have 2GB ram android phone and 1GB total space (with resource packs included size) .Below, we’ll provide you with the foremost important  features, conditions, and other features of the mobile version of this game.

Today we are going to discuss with you all the latest information we have got from the Google Play Store pre registration page. Now talking in this article we will see about the Battlefield Mobile game features thing we will see only in Battlefield Mobile and also Different strategies in Battlefield Mobile Modifications that can be done in this game and at the end of this article installation steps where you can find download link.

Battlefield Mobile Game Features :

battlefield mobile

The game is recently launched in beta apk and given us lots of surprises in the gameplay

  • First Person Combat
  • Building the best strongest team, fighting enemies and destroying everything around you.
  • The best crowd with total war in the game Lots of Game Mods

The arrival of the mobile version of Battlefield Mobile is predicted within the coming months, after which you’ll be able to play this game in your mobile. As you’d know that the mobile version of the sport was announced within the month of April itself but now this game is in testing. The beta version of Battlefield is finally released and now we can play this game. Currently, no official date or any information has been revealed about when Battlefield Mobile Game to be launched as a full game on play store.

According to a report by Battlefield Mobile, you’ll also purchase in-app items like in App like BGMI, Fortnite etc. after the release of the game we wont be surprise if they introduce a battle pass.

Exclusive Features you’ll Only See In Battlefield™ Mobile

There are things during this game that are distinguished that you simply don’t find in the other similar games. For instance , you’ll find eye-catching explosions and wild combat situations that you’ll see in every gameplay. Where you’ll experience the collapse of the tower while riding in an EVI, or for instance , attend the scene of a devastating missile launch at the building that you simply are landing on from the parachute. Or the scenes of enemies being buried under the rubble of the building that you simply destroyed together with your tank, they’re all memorable and unforgettable scenes.

Game Dynamics Of Battlefield Mobile

Try different and weird strategies are one of the reasons why everyone live BattleRoyal games nowadays. You’ll experience all this and more in every map within the game and in every mode in it also . You’ll also choose or access tons of ranks and classes that are available within the game, such as, the rank of fighter (attacker or raider), medic, support team, recon, and others.

You can also get tons of game accessories and obtain a singular set of things that are weapons, clothes, skins, weapons, tools surely classes and ranks, and more. And know that the foremost powerful and real weapon you’ve got is that the rank you belong to therein game, which inevitably fits with the way you play in Battlefield. Given the terrain of the game’s maps,  it offers some strategies that you simply can follow to prevail in most combat situations.

  • Hit the terrain on foot with light, tactical movement.
  • Capturing an EVI to cause explosions on an outsized scale at tremendous speed and while providing the element of surprise to the enemy.
  • Always address the prize chest to urge various items which will assist you fight battles ashore , sea, sky and air.

Defend Your Team To Win The Watch

Fight fiercely with the assistance of your team members so as to regulate the course of things on the battlefield. you’ll join a combat battalion or make a team with the assistance of friends to enter the battle zone where the fighting is at the very best level mercilessly. this is often so as to savor the ecstasy of winning and win more prizes. And use the strategies that tilt all the battle towards you.

This in fact helps later to extend the capacity of the soldiers in your battalion or your collaborators within the team. Here is that the right arena for you to experience the important fun of dazzling team war, defend your team, destroy enemies and fight for survival. and every one this through a variety of modes like multiplayer mode, specific mission mode, and others.

Making Modifications And Customization For Soldiers

Make the acceptable specializations to urge the utmost ability from your soldier, which matches the way and strategy of your playing during this very powerful game. You get to advance within the game more and increase your rank, so you’ve got to constantly upgrade and renew your personal weapons and accessories. you’ll also earn more items that help customize the soldier by completing the missions of the soldier’s novel mode within the game. Where you’ve got to review the story of the soldier well to immerse yourself within the  missions of the sport , from which you reap tons and tons .

Whichever way you wage war, the individual skills and collective abilities of your team or battalion that inevitably lead you to victory in one among the foremost powerful first-person combat and mobility games is that the key here.

How To Install Battlefield Mobile In Android:

  • First download the apk from the link given below.
  • After downloading install the apk and then it will ask you for OBB file to download
  • Give the permission to it to download OBB file it will download OBB file of 500MB size. After downloading the game will start with our any problem
  • Enjoy and comment us how you like the game
  • Download Links Below.

Hope we helped you in some way for downloading Battlefield Mobile Apk.

Thanks for reading.