Call Of Duty Mobile Mod Apk v1.0.23- Skins, Unlimited Money, AutoAim


Call of Duty franchise came up with another big hit for the mobile devices, COD: Mobile which is a FPS shooter video game. The game came out in 2019 and was an instant hit; the game grossed more than US$480 million since it has been launched. COD: Mobile is available on both Android and IOS, thus allowing users from various devices to game and enjoy.

App NameCall Of Duty
Size1.5 GB On Appstore
OSAndroid, iOS
Age RatingRated 16+
DeveloperActivision Publishing, Inc.
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Download COD Mod Apk : MOBILE

Cod Mod apk

Call of Duty: Mobile offers the same combat flow and tempo as its console and PC versions, with the same satisfying pop of a headshot or the gruesome tension of a knife to the back. It also includes some of the same modes, such as team deathmatch, Domination, and the entertaining Gun Game, in which you aim to be the first player to kill 20 different enemies with 20 different weapons. Due to the tighter kill and point totals, 5v5 matches are often short, lasting only a few minutes. This is a game that is meant to be played in short bursts.

Call of Duty: Mobile appears to be optimised for smartphones and tablets in this regard. However, it’s evident that Activision and Tencent are doing the best they can with a touch interface when it comes to controls. Initially the game let’s the user get used to the scenarios with AI bots and then matches you with real time players and gives you the run around’s of the game.

MOD APK for Call of Duty : Mobile

The altered and edited version of any application is known as the MOD APK version. In case of COD : Mobile, the MOD APK version offers various tools which were not available in the global version; thus making it more fun to play. The features offered in the MOD APK version are as follows-

  • UNLOCKED CHARACTERS– The MOD version gives you access to all the characters without having to go through the trouble of unlocking them. The global version requires you to go through various campaigns and multiplayer matches before unlocking the said characters, in the MOD version all this has been provided to you so that you can focus on gaming only.
  • AIMBOT– Another feature to look forward to is the aimbot, it helps the user kill the opponent in one shot. The aimbot may look a bit tedious when starting off; but overtime the use of the aimbot gets easier and seamless.
  • NO ROOT REQUIRED– This is by far the only thing many users would be looking for, as many MOD’s available on the internet require root to provide similar features, the one linked here does not require root to access the features.
  • AUTO RELOAD– Gone are the days when we had to reload in the middle of the game, now you have the MOD doing it for you. This way all the user has to focus on is killing the opponents and getting that VICTORY!!
  • SECURITY AND ANTI-BAN PROTECTION– This MOD version of the game is protected with a layer of encryption which does not let the developer of the game disable or delete your account. This way you can enjoy the game carefree.


The following are the tips and tricks for COD : Mobile APK-

  • Right shooting mode

The game has two modes, automatic and manual shooting. The automatic shooting is helpful if you are just starting to play, but it does not help in the long run. The manual one is far more inclined to the amateur style of playing and you can learn far more deeply about the game with manual mode.

  • Using Drones

The drones are another great addition in the game and allow you to know the exact location of the enemies; thus making it 10 times easier to kill them. The drones can also be used to call precision air strikes.

  • Upgrades

Weapon upgrades is another things which has been made available on the COD : Mobile version. The user can upgrade their weapons and make their weapons more powerful than their opponents and customise is according to their needs.


The link to download the MOD APK version is provided below-


Cod Mobile OBB File

The installation procedure for the application is fairly simple too. Follow the steps below-

  • Download the APK and OBB from the link provided above.
  • First Install the APK version and do not run it.
  • Then locate the OBB version of the game and copy it.
  • Copy the OBB version and paste it in the file folder of the APK version of the game.
  • Once the OBB has been pasted there, run the game.
  • Voila, you are set to play the COD : Mobile version.