Teen Patti Gold MOD APK v5.19.0 [Unlimited Chips & Money]

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Playing cards have been around for centuries, and over the centuries the normal card games have undergone various changes to come out as what they look today. Initially playing cards came out during the Tang Dynasty and they were played in the form of ‘Leaf game‘; focusing on the present times the cards of today have seen a change in design. They have to made of plastic or synthetic sheets to be used as daily cards; or of high quality materials to be in play amongst the riches.

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The games of today are as named Knockout Whist, Poker, Palace, Hearts, Eights, Solitaire, Flash, and many more. One such game which is extremely popular in the Asian region is Flash, which is popular in Asian region by the name of Teen Patti.

Teen Patti gold mod apk has been derived from the English counter part, named Three card brag and American counter part, named Poker. Keeping in mind the current global technology drive, many game developers have come with an online version of the favorite Teen Patti, which goes by the name TEEN PATTI GOLD. In today’s article we will discuss about the application and how you can Download TEEN PATTI GOLD MOD APK.

App Information

NameTeen Patti
PublisherOctro, Inc.
Size75 MB
Get it OnPlayStore
UpdatedNov 10, 2021
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money/Chips

What Is Teen Patti Gold Mod

The game has been developed by the Indian game developers named Moonfrog; and they have a long standing history of making games like this. Teen Patti Gold has turned out to be a very famous game in the Indian Household, and this is due to the various game modes Teen Patti Gold has to offer.

The game came out in 2013 and since then it has seen over 50 million downloads and most users has had a very positive experience with the game. The game does not have a very heavy graphic usage; but it sure makes the usage of the minimal graphics to the maximum extent. The features provided by the game are provided below.

Teen PAtti Gold features
Teen Patti Gold

Features of Teen Patti Gold MOD APK

♦No Real Money Involved
♦Play Online with your Friends & Family
♦Available In Many Languages
♦Lucky Cards
♦Bank Robbery Mode
♦New Interface
♦Chat With Friends & Send Gift
♦Private Room for private games.
♦Smooth Gameplay even on 2G Networks


The features of the application Teen Patti Gold are as follows-

  • All in one

The application features an all in one gaming experience as it packs in the family favourites Teen Patti, Rummy and Andar Bhar card games in one application itself.

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  • Variations

The user can notice different variations of the card game Teen Patti in the application itself. Some of these Variations are as follows- Joker, Hukam, Muflis, Royal, AK47, Potblind and many more.

  • Events

The application has regular fun and engaging events occurring constantly. The application also allows the user to invite more people to the application, and lets them win rewards worth 1 crore and 6 crore rewards for sharing cards with a friend.

  • In game chat

The application supports in game texting, which makes it although more fun and rage on others. Along with this, there is a provision to create private rooms, which gives a sense of luxury to every user.

  • Smooth gameplay

Even on a 2G network connection the user can report a very smooth and seamless gaming experience, which is unheard of in any online game.


The best part about the game is that you will never lose a single penny, as all the money is virtual and has no connection to real life what so ever.

Download Teen Patti Gold MOD APK

The MOD version of the game has been packed with all the features as available in the normal version, but it is further enhanced with a few features that will allow the user to maximize their gaming experience. The MOD version provided here has been thoroughly scanned and made sure that it does not contain any harmful files that will harm your device.

Features of Teen Patti Gold

The features provided in the MOD version of the application are as follows-

1. Infinite Chips


The first feature in the MOD version is of the Infinite Chips; and as we all know to play any card game competitively we use chips which signify money. Thus more the number of chips, the more the amount of money you have. This thus allows the player to play without holding back on any thing.

2. Infinite Money

Infinite Chips will only make sense if there is also a provision for Infinite Money, and as the developers of the MOD did think the entire process thoroughly; they did make a provision for it. Infinite Money allows the user to have an amount they cannot fathom and this makes the user care free in dealing and gambling while playing the game.

3. No interruptions from advertisements


As the MOD gives you access to all the premium features and one feature which in particular would make the premium not feel complete would be the no advertisements one. If there are interruptions whilst you are playing rummy, it is the biggest disappointment. Thus, the devloper added the ban advertisements MOD in the APK it self.

4. Gold Mode

teen patti cards

There is not much to describe about the gold mode; it is just that the Gold Mode itself has a lot of value for all the Teen Patti Gold players; such that it needs no saying more.

5. Root not required

no root safe apk

We strive to provide you with the best of MOD’s and to make it possible we deliver you with the best of products at all times. One thing about a good MOD is that it should be accessible without root as well; and we put in maximum dedication to give you the root which can work without root.

Download Teen Patti Gold MOD version

The link to download Teen Patti Gold MOD version is provided below-