FL Studio Mobile Mod Apk Download v3.6.2 + [Full Unlocked Premium]

fl studio mobile mod apk

Becoming a DJ has been a dream for everyone at some point in their life. I remember vividly when I was young I wanted to be a DJ and have some of the best EDM beats and be a big name in the music industry. Although things did not turn out quite that way, but there is a chance for all the other budding musicians here. FL Studio Mod Apk is a mobile version of industry leading music making software.

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FL Studio which is a very well known software amongst the music industry strives to offer the user with as many musical tools as possible. This has made the PC software to have it’s further extension of roots in the Android Community as well. In 2011, FL Studio, came out with FL Studio Mobile; this software is a mobile operating unit of the PC software giant. The mobile software has been loaded with the same features as it was done in the PC software; although, there are some features which can only be accessed once the user has paid for the features. Thus, we have come with a solution and bringing you FL Studio Mobile MOD APK.

FL Studio Mobile (MOD, Patcher/Paid)

App NameFL Studio Mobile
GenreMusic – Audio
Latest Version3.6.2
MOD InfoFull Paid & Patcher
Get it OnPlaystore

FL Studio Mobile

FL Studio Mobile is the android application which allows the user to mix music; add sounds to your music and a lot more features which can be done on a PC software. The application makes it a hundred times easier for the user to access all the features that they want on a mobile device, than a PC. The features of FL Studio Mobile can be seen below-

1. Top Notch Synthesizer

fl studio synthesizer

High quality of a synthesizer ensure that the sounds created on this platform will be authentic and not tainted by plagiarism. The sounds being talked above are not the generic electric keyboard sounds; but instead the sounds here are authentic and have a very ecstatic touch in them.

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2. Cloud save

The best part about the software is that it comes with an inbuilt Cloud Saving feature. This feature allows the user to save and access their work form multi platforms, and not just their device. The cloud save takes pride in letting you export your work as well, although the platform supports all types of format; still here is a list of the formats supported by FL Studio mod apk.

  1. WAV
  2. MP3
  3. AAC
  4. FLAC
  5. MIDI

3. Step Sequencer

This is a very crucial part of the entire software as it is responsible for representing the musical notes and instrumental beats. Although, the application does not require any deep understanding of musical notes and symbols; this is because of the very intuitive design of the Application. The beats and musical notes can be edited from here itself.

4. Mixing Options

This is the arena which let’s you have unlimited access to the real DJ setup, here you choose the how the entire music will run. You can adjust the music volume, drops, beats, and every small detail to make the music your very own.

5. Touch Controllers

use touch in fl studio

As the FL Studio Mobile does not require the user to have a physical keyboard; the developer used the Touch Screen of the Mobile Device to the full potential by letting the user have a physical keyboard on the screen.

6. Effects

FL studio is obviously best known for the effects it has to offer, the effects being offered in this version are as follows-

  1. Auto Ducker
  2. Chorus
  3. Compressor
  4. Limiter
  5. Distortion
  6. Parametric Equalizer
  7. Graphic Equalizer
  8. Flanger
  9. Reverb
  10. High Pass/Low Pass/ Band Pass/ Formant Filters\
  11. Delays
  12. Phaser

7. Real Performance Controls

This is by far one of the most engaging feature, here the user can control the beats and lyrics of the song. The user is essentially given full access to make the song as they please; further the user has also got the discretion to add notes to the songs and combine it with other tracks. Even more to add to this is the live feature, here the user can combine tracks with other singers or friends and create a jam which is their own.

8. Flexible Interface

The interface of the application is very flexible and can be used anywhere, ranging from a small screen like your Mobile to a full fledged TV screen.

If the user has already had some past experience with the FL Studio; the user can definitely use it to their advantage as the change in environment will only bring out better and new possibilities.


FL Studio Mobile is available on both Play-Store and App-Store for $15, which makes it very reasonable. Although, spending money on an application when you are just getting to know your way around the application does not make much sense. And, hence we have brought you a MOD version for the application which makes all the in game purchases and the application free.

The link to download the MOD is listed below-



FL Studio was created with the sole purpose to provide the music developers with all the features and segments required to create a unique audio line. But with the change in the technological trend; providing the same technology on PC was not enough, shift in mobile devices caused the developers to keep up with the trend; thus resulting in FL Studio Mobile.

FL Studio Mobile as mentioned above numerous times, is a similar representation of the FL Studio; but it also provides various DLC packs which allow the user to have a seamless interaction with the system.

All said and done, the application and the MOD work extremely well and provide the user with the maximum output.