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wwe supercard mod apk

Collecting cards and playing with them is by far one of the most fascinating things to do. Every teenager had a dream to see their collectible cards come to life and have a face off and see which of them would actually stand a chance to win. Luckily these prayers have been answered; WWE Supercard hack apk a game which revolves around collecting these playing cards.

App Info

App NameWWE SuperCard Mod Apk
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Credits & Unlimited Bouts. Unlock All Cards & Unlock All Quests
Root Required?No
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The game is of the casual gaming genre and allows the user to collect a variety of cards while playing the game. The user has to collect various cards; and arrange their deck in a manner that it beats the opponent easily. User can play the game in both online and offline mode; in online they will be matched with real time opponents and in offline they will be matched with an AI.

Our latest version of WWE supercard offers variety of features including no human survey and direct download.The game also features a very wide range of game modes to choose from, they are as follows-

  • Wild Mode- The player has to arrange a group of 8 cards, in which there should be 4 male wrestlers, 2 female wrestlers and 2 support wrestlers. The user has to wrestle against his opponent and win the game, if the user ends up having a draw match; a rematch is done with 1 round which determines the winner.
  • King of the Ring- In this the player has to line up 12 cards, in which there should be 8 male wrestlers, 2 female wrestlers, and 2 support wrestlers. The match is simulated in this and the wrestlers have to use maximum stamina to endure in this battle. With new seasons, the King of the Ring mode is being worked on and new features are being added.
  • Road to Glory- The player has to line up 22 cards, in which there have to be 16 male wrestlers, 4 female wrestlers and 2 support wrestlers. The working of this mode is similar to “wild mode”, but here the stakes are a lot higher.
  • Ring Domination- The player has to have a line up of 12 cards, and no female wrestlers are entertained here. In this mode the stakes are extremely high as the titles are on the line and everything is literally on the table.


The MOD version of the wwe supercard is unlocked game which offers the same gameplay and overall visual experience; the only thing it has to alter is the premium features in the game can be enjoyed for free. The MOD version has the following features to offer-

  • Infinite Credits and Bouts
  • All quests and cards have been unlocked
  • Free and safe
  • Auto Update and Auto Sync
  • Root Free

1. WWE Supercard Infinite Credits and Bouts

The WWE Supercard MOD ensures that the user has an unfettered access to credits and bouts. That means the user can easily purchase whatever they want, whenever they want; without having to think about twice.

2. All quests and card have been unlocked

Having to go through the trouble of unlocking all the arenas in a game is definitely very troublesome, but with a MOD version of the game you don’t have to experience this gruesome thing. The MOD version of WWE Supercard allows the user to easily navigate through whichever conquest they want to play.

3. Free and Safe

The shadow of doubt with every MOD is that whether they are safe or not. Well, it is a genuine concern as many users complain from time to time; that they had to deal with a virus because they downloaded a MOD from an untrusted site. Well, we care for all our users, and thus provide a virus free and safe downloadable MOD.

4. Auto Update and Auto Sync

The MOD version of WWE Supercard makes it easier for the user as they do not have to update and sync their highlights; rather the MOD automatically syncs it for them. This makes downloading this MOD so much more worth it as many other MODs do not ship out with the same feature.

5. Root Free

I mean the tag itself is pretty evident as to what I am trying to say. The MOD does not require any kind of Root access; it will function with any of the fancy stuff. Just the same old generic settings.

Download the WWE Supercard MOD OBB + APK

The following is the link to download the MOD-


How to Install the WWE Supercard MOD Version

To install the MOD follow the steps mentioned in the same chronological order.

  • Download the MOD from the link mentioned above.
  • Once the MOD has been downloaded, locate the file in the file manager in the download section.
  • Now go to the settings, search for the prompt which will read “Allow Installation from Unknown Sources”.
  • Once you’ve enabled that, go back to the download section.
  • Now click on the APK, install it.
  • Once the APK has been installed, go the explore section and run the application.
  • Voila, now you’re free to enjoy the game as you please.

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