Garena Free Fire Hack – Get Free Unlimited Diamonds

free fire unlimited diamond

Follow Few steps For Diamond in your pocket

Having the praise of “best popular voted game” in the year 2019 by Google Play Store. Garena Free Fire is commonly known as “Free fire“. Garena is the publisher and 111 dots studio is the developer of the game. An online game with extreme gameplay and Adventure. 50 unknown players in a map jumping from a parachute. A TPP (Third person perspective) game where you survive to win. Grab the weapon and enjoy “BOOYAH“. BOOYAH means victory, cooperation, legend. This title is what players want.

An island of survival

What Is Diamond In Garena Free Fire?

Can you live without money? These days currencies are everything. People live for it. Do we have currency in the free fire? Yes, we do have. Currency in the game is called “Diamond”. How do they use currency in the game?

For non-gamers, this is the big question. Diamonds in the game are used for purchasing an elite pass. You can open crates using them. You can exchange diamonds for different kind of impressive characters. Pets and skins of the gun are other fruits which can enjoy using diamonds. Not just this, There are numerous events which free fire conducts. You can participate in events using diamonds. For sustaining in the game and for achieving good ranks, diamond is mandatory. This can speed up your growth in the game.

I am sure, all gamers must be hungry to know. How to get free diamonds in Garena free fire. This article will take you to the journey of getting free Diamonds in the game. There are several ways but few of them are authentic. The game says pay money to get diamonds. But why to flow money on the game, when we have several ways.

In-game currencies for free, avail diamonds and enjoy game cosmetics. Invest your mind and time in the following ways to achieve the same.

Get The Credit And Add Same In-Free Fire

An app named “Google Play rewards” Has a variety of options for getting google play credit. App has millions of download on play store. All you need to do is you have to attend some survey which is conducted on the same app. The competing survey will give you google play credit. Which you can use to gather diamonds.

Get-Paid-To Option

It is commonly known as GPT. GPT stands for getting paid to. There are some reliable applications like GrabPoints. Which is the best way to get those diamonds for free. This is the most popular GPT. Here again, attend some survey and get google play gift cards for free.

Which in return can help you in getting free diamonds. There are various other offers on this site. Which will help you in obtaining an E-commerce gift card.

● Introducing Ysense

Ysense is again a GPT site. This site gives you the feature to redeem. Here you have to complete some task and get the redeem voucher. Rewards are so beautiful. Sometimes you can get PayPal money. Which you can use for getting a free diamond. Remember PayPal is international service. So money charge differs from country to country.

● Participate In (In-Game Events)

The game is high on demand. So, the frequency of event conducted in the game is equally high. Events help you to get a discount on the purchase or put some diamond in gamer pocket after completing the game event. The gamer needs to be up to date with the game syllabus.

Via play stores

If you are a regular user of google play store. Google Play store offers its user free google play credits. You can add this credit to your Google account. You can use entire credit of your account to get diamonds. These random credits are indeed fruitful sometimes.

● Membership

You can save you money using this. The game gives you monthly as well as weekly membership. It’s cost 159 INR for weekly membership and 559 INR monthly. This membership will give you diamond at low rates. Which is affordable to gamers. The game has some VIP cards like S-VIP. Which will shower daily diamond.

● Giveaway

Advancement towards E-gaming has improved by many folds. YouTubers and Instagrammers occasionally conduct big giveaways. Giveaway relating elite pass, diamonds, cash Delivery and many more. All you need is to complete a few steps to participate in that giveaway. Participate and win. These are the technique which gamers on YouTube use to grow their channel. Which in return helps other gamers in getting their need fulfilled.

There are many ways of swimming in the market to get diamonds for free. Even people suggest hacks and wrong techniques fall in the trap. Never jump in such. If you are a true gamer, never let your gaming community fall sick of such things. This will slow down your standard of gamings. Above mentioned techniques are reliable and easy to use. These guaranteed services will help you to reach your goal.

Nourish yourself, Be a true gamer.