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What Is RP in League of Legends?

Riot Points is an in-game currency in League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics. It is used to buy mostly cosmetics and things that do not impact the gameplay directly, or XP Boosts, account transfers, or to rename your profile. Riot Points can be bought in the official Riot Store in the game Client, in some stores as a GiftCard, or online through a RP Gifting Center.

How expensive are Riot Points

The RP price varies depending on the server, for 1350 Riot Points on NA you need to pay 10$, and on EUW 10€.

There are many ways to get Riot Points cheaper than that. You can for example buy it on a server where the price of RP is lower like Brazil or Turkey and then transfer the account. It is however worth it only if you buy a lot at once because the transfer costs 2600 RP. The downside of it is that even if you decide to do that you will need a VPN to unlock the regional price. The best way is to buy RP online because you can buy things for as much money as you want, you do not have to purchase large amounts just to have it cheaper. This way instead of paying for that 1350 RP skin you really wanted you can pay for it 7$ instead of 12 without having to buy 25.000 Riot Points just to save up.

How to buy cheap RP

You can buy the cheapest RP online as a gift that you pick, it is much cheaper than in the official LoL Client Store, very easy, and completely safe so you do not have to worry about getting banned. The way it works is that you have to pick the skin etc. you want and after your purchase you will get a friend request you need to accept, after 24 hours from accepting the request you will get your items.

RP Prepaid Cards

Prepaid Riot Points Cards are a solid way to buy Riot Points without a credit card or bitcoin / bank account. These cards can be obtained at local stores and redeemed by inserting the card’s pin code in the league of legends client store. Prepaid RP Cards are available worldwide however they are quite the same as buying from the LoL client itself.

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