Download Best Ludo Games For PC -Windows 7, 8, 10

Ludo is such a game which is loved by everyone. We all have beautiful memories of our past playing ludo with sibling, family and friends. But at the time of the pandemic, these memories came back when most of the people have free time and many of us are working from home so back in childhood days almost every one of us used to played ludo with our family and some of us are still playing. So, here are some of the best ludo games that you can play with your family and friends. This list contains offline and online ludo app so you can choose according to your need and enjoy the game.

List Of Best Ludo Games For PC

1. Ludo King For PC

ludo king

Ludo King is an ludo game in computerized form of the old Ludo board game traditionally known as Pachisi, notable in whole Southeast Asia, the centre East, and some European nations. Ludo King for PC was made out of the enthusiasm for changing over a popular table game into a portable game that would engage individuals precisely as the tabletop game accomplished for a considerable length of time all over the place. The game made a buzz fundamentally on the grounds that it could be played anyplace whenever with ongoing players present all around the world. Ludo King for Windows 10 is one of the game that has crossed more than 100Million in number of downloads in android PlayStore. You can also play popular indian board games like snakes and ladder and a few other titles.

2. Ludo Supreme

ludo supreme

Ludo Supreme is the best ludo game for PC 2020 that has wonderful 3D designs. It is an extraordinary decision for those looking for no particular reason ongoing interaction experience. You can either play against PC players or play with your companions (limit of 3).

3. Ludo Master

The target of the game is quite clear; every player gets 4 Gotis(As we like to call it. You can also call it Token), and your each token is suppose to complete one rotation until your goti is placed inside home. Whoever gets its all token inside home or initial position is the winner. Now the rules of the games are very simple and once you get 6 in dice you get to move your token outside of house and depending upon the number you get in dice you move your tokens across the board.

In Ludo Master, you can:

– Play against AI PC

– Play with Friends (Local Multiplayer)

– Play With different players around the globe

4. Ludo Legend

ludo legend

In this Ludo game, each of the four players should race every one of the four tokens from the through and through and how far they can race is all reliant on the move of their dices. They should trust that their turn will play clearly. To begin the game, all players need to get a 6 to move their token to the beginning square.

5. Ludo Club

On the off chance that you are an enthusiast of board games, Ludo club is a top-decision for ludo game for PC. In contrast to conventional Ludo, players can possibly move one gadget regardless of whether their pawns are still confined. In any case, they can roll another dice in the event that they roll a six. This game is likewise accessible on Android, yet we prescribe you to attempt ludo club game download for PC.

6. Ludo dice star 2019

This is another exemplary Ludo prepackaged game that has excellent 3D illustrations. Much the same as different games on the rundown, you can appreciate it with companions or against PC AI or three different parts in testing games. You can likewise contend with 3 different parts in the testing game. In this game, every one of you should race four tokens from the beginning stage to the completing point and your race will be subject to move of the pass on.

7. Ludo Game- Developed By Software Informer

ludo games

This game can also be played on PC it lets you play one of the most popular game parchees where you can play online against players from many countries around the globe. You can either play this game as a solo player or you can choose to play with ludo game AI and you always play against champions to better test your skills. In this game, you will get 4 chambers at home and you have to take them to winning chamber of the board.

8. Free ludo board

In the start of this game, all the four pawns of every one of your companions are arranged in the players’ yard. A player needs to move six so as to present a pawn from its yard to beginning position. After this, Pawns are permitted to push ahead of the same number of squares as the dice demonstrates. In the event that, in the event that your move six once more, at that point you can either decide to present new pawn out of four from its yard to beginning position or you can choose to push ahead of the current pawn. On the off chance that when your development of the pawn closes on a square that is as of now involved by the adversary pawn, at that point the rival pawn will be gotten back to the yard. The player will be the victor you will complete the way of the apparent multitude of four pawns from yard to completing point.

9. Ludo Star

ludo star

Here you will get the opportunity to play like an ace and you will oversee your game with the assistance of consoles and mouse. This game will take you to a journey of ludo mania. Download this game at the present time and appreciate the opposition to finish the way of the apparent multitude of four pawns from beginning to the end goal.

10. Ludo online

This is another ludo type game in our list it can be one of the most played games in our list the rules of the game is similar to those in our list it is also one of the best ludo games in 2020 it can be played in pair of 2 and 4This is another best ludo game PC 2020 and it is astounding methodology game for two to four players and in this game, the players should race their four pawns from beginning to end according to the move of a solitary dice. You can play this game solo or you can add 3 of your games in multiplayer mode. In the start of this game, all the four pawns of every one of your companions are arranged in the players’ yard.

Wrapping Up

We tried to make an attempt on listing the best ludo games 2020 so that you can just choose one and play with your friends and family. Ludo is by far the most entertaining game loved by every age group.