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It’s been many years since the launch of iconic game Minecraft it was first launched for pc and it became an instant success with million of players worldwide ranging from adults to kids it truly was a dream game where you can make or break anything and let your imagination run wild, it was one of the true survival games every build.

Download Minecraft Pe latest version apk beta for free for android mobile and tablets from below.

System Requirements For Minecraft APK

Compatibility Version4.2
Latest version1.16.0.59

Minecraft For Mobile

Ever since the release of minecraft for mobile device it has been a huge success for mojang developers because of its amazing features like amazing endless map and various modes. In minecraft there are endless possibles and only imagination is your barrier.

Various Modes Of Minecraft

Currently minecraft features three mode :-

  1. Survival
  2. Creative
  3. Adventure
  4. Hardcore

Survival Mode in Minecraft

This is one of the most popular mode in minecraft and personally my “favorite too” in this mode, players have to gather all their materials to build, and craft items to gain experience. There is health and your player gets hungry overtime so in order to survive you have to eat and fight zombies. In this mode if you die you will get respawn to your starting position if you die but you will loose all you belongings that you can collect but going to your death spot.

Creative Mode In Minecraft

In this mode player has access to all the stuff available in the game, and you can also destroy and make builds easily. Its like you are immortal in this mode and and you have unlimited health and resources at your feet. Apart from that you can also fly in this mode.

Adventure Mode In Minecraft

As the name suggests this mode is for the adventure in the game you can interact with surroundings in this mode and explore never-ending map of minecraft.

Hardcore Mode In Minecraft

If you are not a beginner i definitely don’t recommend using this game mode because its hard as hell the feature of game are same as survival mode but the only difference is that once you die your map is deleted and you can’t respawn back.

Features Of Minecraft Beta

So there are a lot of the features in this app that you might not see in Minecraft Mod Apk in some ways its better then Mod apk out here.

  1. Menecraft Beta is a ofiicial app so you dont have to worry about it being fake.
  2. It contains all the features minecraft app PLUS all the latest upcoming features.
  3. One of the most important feature that this app has is – You can easily play minecraft multiplayer mode in PE beta once you login to microsoft account.

What Is Minecraft Beta ?

So long story short beta version means that the app is still under development and it might contains some bugs and glitches. Developers need to test the final version before the release of final version, and that’s where users like you come in .So in order remove any buys and test the new features of a app developers release a early access version to play store in some cases they also have a bounty program where app publishers also pay whoever finds the most bugs in app.

Try unreleased paid apps through early access

Early access apps are apps which have not been released yet. To find and join an early access app:

  1. Open the Google Play Store on your mobile device.
  2. At the end of the list where you see “Top charts,” tap Early access.
  3. Find an app you want to get early access to.
  4. Tap Install.
  5. Follow the onscreen instructions.

Using this feature you can get almost any paid app that developer release of beta testing.

How To Join Minecraft Pe Beta

You can easily join Minecraft Pe Beta program by going through you app store and SEARCH – “Minecraft Beta” after that it will ask you to join the program. Now note that it does not guarantee you that you will instantly get access to minecraft for free but you might have to wait for some time because a lot of people have joined the beta program and if you are selected you will get a notification in you play store and your registered email address that you have been selected to join the beta program.

Can I Play Multiplayer In Free Beta v0.16.0 .

Absolutely yes, you can play multiplayer in minecraft beta very easily just login into you Microsoft account and you can play with your friends by inviting them.

Can i play multiplayer in this minecraft version?

Yes you can play multiplayer in it.

What is the version of this app?

Minecraft Apk beta.

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