10 Best Sites For Downloading Free PC Games – [2022 Updated]

If you want to download latest PC games for free this list is the final destination for you ..lol (I promise I’ll Try 😉).

For those who are Game Fanatics and cannot afford to purchase costly AAA title games, i compiled a list of websites to appease your inner gaming beast.

While making this list i made sure to do a thorough research on background of website and its trustworthiness because There are tons of websites out there for downloading latest games but only few can be trusted.

1. Oceanofgames – Recommended

oceanofgames website

Oceanofgames is one of the site i personally recommend. Since i have been using it for few years now it has hardly disappointed me and my experience has been highly positive for this website.
The only issue i every faced was lack of few game titles. OFG take some time in posting new games on it website because the games they publish has very high success rat so its understandable. But you will easily find most of the AAA title games.

What i like about the website is that they have video installation instruction for every game. So even if you are a newbie or have difficulty installing games the installation tutorial will surely help you.

2. Fitgirl-Repacks – Most Popular

This website is definitely the widely known website among Gamers. I has a huge collection of games and you can easily download zip files through torrent. Fitgirl repack are super compressed and there are hardly any errors while installing games from fitgirl.

You can easily download games like GTA V and Red Dead Redemption 2. Most of the people use this site for downloading crack games and it is one of trusted sites. You can use it for downloading any game and their torrents have good seeds so you don’t have to worry about download speed.

3. Skidrowreloaded

Apart from fitgirl it is also one of the best sites to download free games from. Most of the games can be easily downloaded from this website. And games over 50 -60GB can be downloaded in parts. Site has a great collection of games like GTA V, BattleField V or NFS Heat. This site has download links available from multiple sources.


4. Torrent Games

This site provides free games not only for pc but you can also download games for XBOX 360, XBOX ONE, PS2, PS3, PS4, PSP, PS Vita, Linux, Macintosh, and even for Nintendo if you have
one. Currently the website is missing a request page and you cant make new requests so you have to wait for games to be updated manually. The USP of this website is that it offers games for various platforms.

5. 1337x

This a one of the top websites for downloading torrents and you can find almost every game torrent available there. The main drawback of this website is availability 1337x is blocked so you can use 1337x proxies and in most of the countries and in some its even illegal,so i recommend that you use some kind of proxy or vpn with this website cautiously as you might get into trouble downloading content from this website.

6. GameTop

gametop website

However, GameTop may not include all the PC games you want to play. But, it surely has a vast collection of combined games to keep you entertained for a long duration. Also, they edit the site with updated games regularly. Therefore, it is obvious to have something entertaining to do all year sessions. Here, this website facilitates free PC games such as Moto Racing 2, Goodgame Empire, Wargame Collection, Zombie Derby, Shark Attack, and many others.

One good characteristic of GameTop is that they offer these unrestricted games at low MB sizes so it doesn’t consume large space. Also, Some of the free games at GameTop are not modified to PC only but you can play on Mac devices too. Keep enjoying the game!

7. Rpgmaker.net

rpgmaker website

Of course, what everybody likes about RPGMaker is the reality that it gives rise to more than the RPG. Gradually but certainly, this game improvement engine has wriggled its way into the soul of many players by providing them the chance to enjoy lots of unrestricted games on whatever device they choose. The website also created it simple for game creators to establish what they like. There is a category for game layout features and even modification attention.

8. itch.io

itch.io website

Since its establishment in 2013, itch.io has been devoted to creating a wall from the island of India games to the landmass of great players. The website carries, arguably, one of the promising records of free games in the world.

Itch.io comes up with a deep library of free games for the entertainment. To enjoy these free games, you should change your direction towards several horror games, charades, acting, pixel art, and many others.

9. Microsoft Games

microsoft games

What if we advised you there are a lot of things extra to Microsoft than the office suite? That’s freedom, so much additional! This software archive is the residence to hundreds of unrestricted PC games to hold you stuck to your PC for a long time. Microsoft has demonstrated itself over a long period that it is a stock of all the things you desire. You can find free games of the sweet ancient days to more modern games, Microsoft operates as a stock for them all. It is very uncertain to have a step-through of the exciting catalog and not get clipped.

10. Epic Games Store

epic store website

Besides contributing to great discounts on video games, Epic Games return to the gaming world by publishing one free game every two weeks. This epic game store website has presented lots of interesting games such as Stories untold and The World of Goo. They also profess to undo other unrestricted games in the upcoming future.


Here, we talked about some of the best and safe sites for downloading free games on your PC. However, you can enjoy your free games without worrying about money. Try not to let the capital stop the fun of your game.