Upcoming wildrift champions in 2023 [dev roadmap letter analysis].

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Developers have written a letter with hints on upcoming wildrift champions in 2023. This November, they released Warwick. It was officially confirmed. Aatrox, Kayn, and Lillia will be introduced next.

But what after that? Who is going to lurk in the Wildrift? Well, developers gave us a lot of hints, like the spark of joy and wonder, crows, plague rats, tricksters, the underground to the seedy street of Zaun.

Chill, I have analyzed this for you. Read below.


Source: League of legends

According to the dev letter, the second champion after Warwick will likely be Aatrox. They mentioned him first, and he was also at the center of the picture.

Aatrox abilities


Aatrox’s next basic attack occasionally does extra physical damage and heals aatrox based on the target’s maximum health.

Aatrox heals for 80% of the post-mitigation(damage after modifiers like defense etc.) bonus damage dealt,


Aatrox strikes the ground with his greatsword, inflicting damage. He has three swings, each of which has a different region of impact. 1st rectangular area, 2nd trapezoidal area and 3rd circular area of effect.


The first enemy hit is damaged as Aatrox slams the ground. Champions and large monsters need to get out of the impact area as soon as possible to avoid being dragged back into the center and retaking damage.


Passively, Aatrox heals when damaging enemy champions. On activation, he dashes in a direction.


Aatrox manifests his demonic form, terrifying surrounding enemy minions and receiving enhanced attack power, all-around healing power, and movement speed. This ability lasts an additional 5 seconds if he manages to get a kill.


Kayn and his weapon rhaast
Source: league of legends

They mentioned Kayn after Aatrox as “another man fighting to keep control.” According to the current pace of releasing champions, he will arrive in December, two heroes per 30 days.

Kayn abilities


To chart his progress toward his Darkin and Shadow Assassin forms, Kayn has a separate experience bar.

Kayn battles Rhaast, the darkin inside the ancient weapon, for control. Either Kayn masters Rhaast and becomes the Shadow Assassin, or the Darkin will prevail.

Darkin: Darkin heals a portion of the damage done to champions by abilities. Shadow Assassin: Deal more damage within the early few seconds of a fight against a champion.

S1: Reaping Slash

Kayn dashes and then slashes; both actions deal damage.


Kayn damages and slows targets in a line. darkin bonus: knock-up

shadow assassin bonus: The radius of Blade’s Reach is increased. Kayn removes the cast time of Blade’s Reach by creating an Untargetable shadow at the casting location that sweeps the area over 0.55 seconds in his place.


Kayn can walk across the terrain. Kayn heals himself upon entering the terrain for the first time by casting Shadow Step, and he gains unobstructed vision while inside.

SHADOW ASSASSIN BONUS: At all levels, Shadow Step’s cooldown is lowered to 8 seconds. While moving across terrain, Kayn’s extra overall movement speed increases to 80% for the remainder of the time and obtains 100% slow resistance while moving.


Kayn hides in an enemy’s body, dealing massive damage when he bursts out.

SHADOW ASSASSIN BONUS: Umbral Trespass gains bonus cast range and emerge range. Additionally, emerging will reset The Darkin Scythe’s cooldown.

DARKIN BONUS: Umbral Trespass is modified to deal with physical damage and heal.


Lillia spirit blossom skin
Source: league of legends

Then lastly, they mentioned Lillia: “Some are not so bold and instead look to bring a touch of magic to the jungle.” While she might look like a support or mage, she is a fighter.

Lillia abilities


Hitting a champion or monster with skill will deal additional maximum health damage over time while healing her and applying dream dust for the same duration.


Passive: When Lillia casts a spell and hits an enemy, she receives stacking mobility speed.

She may use this ability to deliver additional true damage on the edge while causing magic damage to an adjacent enemy.


Lillia causes damage throughout the area, especially massive damage at the center.


seed that Lillia throws hurts and slows whomever it strikes. If you miss it, it will keep rolling until it hits a wall or a target.


All foes with Lillia’s Dream Dust on them experience drowsiness before dozing off. When those foes are forced to awaken, they will suffer additional damage.

Upcoming Wildirft champions after Aatrox, kayn, and Lillia.

The letter had hints about the upcoming champions in wildrift after Aatrox, Kayn, and Lillia. These hints were closely related to Twitch, Zoe, Nocturne, Fiddlesticks, Urgot, Zeri, Nilah, and Bard.

Why are these hints related to the champions mentioned above? Read below.

Also, read Wildrift patch 3.5 changes in depth.

Twitch the plague rat.

Twitch in dev champion roadmap letter (1)
Source: League of legends

They stated at the start of the letter, “I’ve heard rumors that there are plague rats feasting on those who stray from the pack.” If you have read his introduction, you know that he is described as a plague rat.

Twitch is the first among the upcoming wildrift champions after Aatrox, Kayn, and Lillia.

Unlike others, the hint of Twitch was apparent to any League of Legends player or fan.

Twitch abilities


The normal attack of Twitch infects the victim, causing true damage once every second for six secondsstacking up to six times (PC).


Twitch gets movement speed and temporarily blends into the surroundings. Twitch temporarily increases attack speed upon emerging from concealment.

Ambush’s cooldown is reset when an enemy champion with Deadly Venom dies.


Twitch launches a cask of venom that bursts in the vicinity, slowing prey and dousing them with “deadly venom.”


Twitch releases a deadly poison that physically damages any close opponent suffering from “Deadly Venom.”

For each stack of “Deadly Venom” on the victim, Contaminate deals extra physical and magical damage.

To cast this ability, an adversary with Deadly Venom must be nearby. This power can target an enemy that is not visible.


Twitch gains bonus attack damage and bonus attack range for 6 seconds. Twitch’s basic attacks are replaced by bolts that travel slightly further than the attack range in a straight line, damaging every enemy unit hit.

The bolts can cause a critical strike, apply on-hit effects with 100% efficiency, and deliver 100% – 60% (depending on the foes struck) of the attack’s damage.


Zoe dev letter teaser (1)
Source: League of legends

After Twitch, hints for Zoe were there, too. Ready in the line among other upcoming wildrift champions. She was described as;

“Comrades falling asleep before vanishing by the hands of a starry-eyed trickster” is Zoe. She does have an ability related to sleep, and she is considered to be a trickster.

The funny part is that if you ever google “Starry-eyed trickster,” images and posts related to Seraphine will cover the search result page.


Zoe’s next basic attack after casting a spell deals bonus magic damage.


Zoe fires a missile that she can redirect in flight. It deals more damage the longer it flies in a straight line.


Zoe can pick up the shards of enemy summoner spells (heal, speed, and shield from items) and active item casts and cast them once herself.

Whenever she casts a summoner spell, she gains three missiles that fire at the nearest target.


This causes the target to fall asleep. The first source of damage that breaks the sleep is doubled, up to a cap.


Blink to a nearby position for 1 second. Then blink back

Portal Jump resets Zoe’s basic attack timer. Zoe cannot basic attack and cast her abilities, and movement spells for 0.75 seconds after casting Portal Jump and for 0.5 seconds after blinking back.

The 2023 champion roadmap of wildrift.

The middle section of the letter talks about champion releases in Wildrift up until now, but after that, “rouguefool” mentioned upcoming wildrift champions in 2023.

There are a few doubts in my mind related to the order in which champions were mentioned, Which might hint at faster champion releases.

As to why I have these doubts? I will explain this in the last segment of the article.

Someone from underground in Zaun.

Urgot_ wildrift (1)
Source: League of legends

Dev, aka Rouguefool, wrote: “Our plan of attack says we’ll be heading underground to the seedy streets of Zaun.” The captain said we’ll have to keep our wits about us during that expedition.”

Urgot? He lives underground. 80% sure, but his biography says, “A prison mine deep beneath Zaun, Emerging in a disaster that spread chaos throughout the city.”

If you read a short story related to him, which is titled “Son of Ur,” you will find the characters encountering Urgot on the street of Zaun as he roams there, killing chem barons.

Making him the third in the list of upcoming wildrift champions in 2023.


fiddlesticks in wildrift (1)
Source: League of legends

The recent video of Fiddlesticks had crows. His ultimate involves crows, and he is a scarecrow. “I’m beginning to think that all these crows are spying on us.” His passive is related to vision (trinkets).

Beware the sounding of the crow or the whispering of the shape that appears almost human.”

Source: league of legends

Players argue that crows indicate the arrival of Swain in Wildrift, who is related to ravens, but it is fiddlesticks until developers get confused between crows and ravens.

Without a doubt, Wildrift will include him among the upcoming Wildrift champions in 2023.

Passive: A Harmless Scarecrow

When the game begins, Fiddlesticks has a special scarecrow effigy loaded in the trinket slot. He can also pose as an effigy by halting for 2 seconds, transforming into a scarecrow, and then extending his arm out to reveal its lamp.


From level 6, planting an effigy also conjures a demonic eyeball at the spot, revealing and disabling hostile wards and hidden traps (Teemo S4, etc.) and granting clouded vision of enemy units that are not visible in the vicinity for 6 seconds.

S1: Terrify

PASSIVE: When Fiddlesticks’ next damaging ability hits a target, it will also temporarily frighten them if it has been at least 2.5 seconds since it last engaged in combat, is invisible to the other team, or is pretending to be an effigy.

Active: Fiddlesticks sends out a crow at the opponent in front of them, dealing magic damage and making them frightened for a while. Terrify has a minimum damage threshold on monster damage capped at 400.


Fiddlesticks drain enemy health and deal extra execution damage after the period.

This ability requires a nearby opponent to be cast upon. This ability does not need the target to be visible to be connected.


Fiddlesticks slice the target area with his scythe, causing magic damage and slowing foes in the area for 1.25 seconds.
Enemies hit in the middle of the region are silenced for 1.25 seconds as well.


ACTIVE: Fiddlesticks channels for 1.5 seconds, then dashes to the target area with a group of crows circling frantically around him for 5 seconds, inflicting magic damage to surrounding foes every 0.25 seconds.

Some Spark, Joy, and Wonder.

Source: League of legends

They also mentioned, “The Captain has assured us we can still find sparks of joy and wonder.” Many people think it is Zeri as a spark of Zaun, but then joy unbound is Nilah.

Nilah_ the joy unbound (1)
Source: League of legends

If you read the short biography of Nilah, you will find this: “Having won her power through an encounter with the long-imprisoned demon of joy,”

Nilah was inspired by a warrior from “Ramayana.” Her theme song, looks, and weapon are all Indian. Her weapon design is based on the whip-like sword known as “Urumi.”

“Very much like a hero from the Ramayana, she has given up everything for this incredible power and uses it to protect the world from ancient threats that have been long thought invincible,” Carnival Knights explains.

What do I think & some of my doubts?

Bard_in wildrift (1)
Source: League of legends

The spark of joy and wonder can be Zeri, Nilah, and Bard. Yes, all of them. If I am overthinking it, it might be Zeri alone, but then why bother mentioning words like joy and wonder, which are hallmarks of some champions like Bard and Nilah?

Source: league of legends

Bard was teased as “the wonder above in the League of Legends cinematics when they introduced him. This was also mentioned on the IGN website. He can be that wonder instead of Neeko in my web stories.

It will be fantastic if Bard is one of the upcoming Wildrift champions in 2023, along with Fiddlesticks and Zeri. All these champions are super tricky and fun.

I added Neeko to the list because I thought Neeko’s curiosity was very much related to wonder, but then I found the teaser video of Bard.

That is how I removed her, plus she has a unique ability to be mentioned by, like, a shapeshifter chameleon.

Hints about Nocturne in the dev letter.

Some YouTubers have pointed out this sentence from the letter as a hint for nocturne: “While the thought of bearing witness to such twisted acts of magic and wonder would keep anyone up at night.

I thought it referred more to the player’s excitement over the release of champions like Zoe, but then, who knows? They are always poetic and vaguely mention every damn important thing.

Nocturne is also known as the eternal nightmare. In his story, he caused people to be stuck in nightmares feeding on their fear which caused them not to sleep again.

So Nocturne will most likely be another contender among the upcoming wildrift champions in 2023.

About the doubts, I am facing.

I think Wildrift will release Twitch and Zoe in 2022, meaning they are increasing the speed of releasing new champions.

Why do I think so?

They mentioned Twitch and Zoe at the beginning of the letter, and then they talked about past champion releases.

To my surprise, the dev letter mentioned plans for 2023 separately at the end. “When I first began to pen this letter, I shared some of the rumors I’ve heard, but plans from expedition leader Moore are already underway for our next expedition in 2023,” they stated.

This includes releasing fiddlesticks, someone from Zaun, and then a spark of joy and wonder.

Neeko_the wondering one (1)
Source: league of legends

Then again, it could be my overthinking that Wildrift is releasing three champions every 30 days rather than two.

If this is correct, the champion release order in League of Legends: Wildrift will be as follows.

Warwick, Aatrox, and Kayn in November 2022. Lillia, Twitch, and Zoe in December 2022.

After that, the “next expedition in 2023” might be Fiddlesticks, Urgot, or some underground dude from Zaun and Zeri in January 2023.

Then Nilah and Bard might arrive in February 2023. If, and only if, the pace is three champions per month.

Upcoming wildrift champions with a Pace of 2 per 30 days:

Warwick and Aatrox will be available in November 2022. 

Kayn and Lillia’s release month will be December 2022.

Twitch and Zoe will be available in January 2023. 

Fiddlesticks and Urgot/some underground dude’s release month is February 2023.

Zeri and Nilah will be released in March 2023.

Bard might be available in April.

If it goes in the same order as they were mentioned and the pace.


Aatrox, Kayn, Lillia, Twitch, Zoe, Fiddlesticks, and Zeri are most definitely to be released, as the hints were obvious.

Nilah and Bard are 80% sure. Urgot was very close to the hint.

I have not pointed out the abilities of champions who were hinted about vaguely.

Please let us know in the comment section if you want to learn everything about these champions, from stories to abilities, models, and weapon design.

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Source credit: league of legends and league of legends fandom.