How To Earn Money Online In India?

how to earn money online in india.

when you have a proper internet connection and want to utilize it. Then you might wonder how to earn money online in India.

You can be a designer or content writer to earn money. You can freelance with other skills too.

There are different ways to earn money online in India; one which requires some capital or investment to create more, basically money from money, and the other option is to be skilled at some work and then monetize it.

Freelancing comes to mind, you can be an online tutor, blogger, consultant, or content creator. People who want to earn money should learn about content creation of any type.

So below we mentioned the methods to earn money online in India.

1. Annotations

annotation jobs (1)

So first in the list of how to Earn Money Online In India is annotation.

Annotation can be boring and it may not teach you something you consider a skill for human beings, but there are a lot of other jobs that are a waste of time in the chase of money. However, annotation teaches you about how an AI understands its environment or medium of observation.

You can do annotations for companies that provide projects regarding AI and robots. You just have to annotate a scene, including a human, a car, a toy, etc., and you get paid for that work. Sometimes it’s hard, sometimes it’s easy. The harder it is, the better the pay, but it takes time to learn.

Where to start earning online from annotations?

There is one popular annotation work from home website called remotask.

Remotask pays you for accuracy. If you join their discord(which you will find on their website), we would suggest you find one of their HKP 100 projects and request to get it.

As that project is related to the human body, it is pretty well understood by any culture and easy to annotate. Why did we mention culture? because there are different things to annotate, for example, some American household stuff that you can not understand or road infrastructure that is different from your country. So things like the human body are universal enough to annotate.

The pay is good. If your accuracy and speed are good, you can earn 5 dollars in 3 hours if you are doing something like picture annotation with 20 things to annotate in it, e.g., the human body.

Remotask pays on a weekly basis, every Wednesday, somewhere between dawn and noon. We mentioned remotask because we have personal experience using it, It is not sponsored.

You can also check LinkedIn for other annotation platforms.

what do you need for annotation?

  • You don’t need any previous skills. Sites like remotask provide teaching and test. A free BootCamp too.
  • A laptop with 4 to 8 GB of RAM. AMD Ryzen 3 and above CPUs, a mid-entry-level GPU.
  • The Internet, obviously, 2 to 12 Mbps will be good.
  • As it is an annotation, you need a good display actually, to see things clearly.

Another option is appen which demand for photos by you like photos doing yoga, cooking etc

What should you avoid?

As annotations are work-from-home stuff, and there is literally no connection of the tasker to admin or authority. Due to this reason, people ought to think that they can take it lightly so they half annotate some projects, poorly annotate them without reading all rules or skip them because they don’t like them. Doing these types of things will get you banned.

So start honing your mind to like everything and have your mind in your control.

2. Content creation

Number 2 in the list of how to Earn Money Online In India.

content creation

If you want to grow as a skilled person, then there are a few absolute basics that have immense potential. These skills are writing and designing, simple graphical templates.

Like the one on the Instagram post, not some super graphic content but something which is very simple yet looks professional, at which I am not good at, or I didn’t give my all, and so I write to earn.

In the writing part, learning the art of writing is incredibly helpful once you know how to do so. You can even start your own blog and make it successful.

It comes in handy in any situation, like starting your own business. Copywriting, which is also called marketing writing, pays the most if you are good at it.

So what is copywriting?


Copywriting basically means you are writing in a way that influences some percentage of visitors to a website to buy something, subscribe, or donate. It calls for action. If you are good at it, you get so much money just for writing 200 words or sometimes 60.

All advertisements that have those few lines are also a part of it. Another form of writing is normal content writing, in which you develop your identity over several years, writing from 0.20 paise per word to 10 rupees per word depending on the skill and experience you have.

In India, the basic is 0.20 paisa per word, below which you should never accept any gig at all. If you accept it once, you will regret it later. You may not be very good at writing, but you are giving away your precious human time to a website that will probably earn a great amount from it.

Is it possible to earn money online in india with content creation?

Now, if you know how to write, you can write scripts, you can start your own blog, you can start your own YouTube channel, whatever you want with just this one skill. If you love the design and digital art, go for it, but learn properly. You can create logos and posters or original images for your channel, blog, Instagram, etc.

Our advice would be if you have one video, create a text version of it, and publish that article. Share it on Twitter, Facebook and reddit.

Also, if you are finding it difficult to write on some subject matter, do some proper video, audio, or text research on it for 3 hours at least. That will help you pass any plagiarism test.

So, once you know content creation, you can start your own blog, and that blog or website you write on can be used for Google Adsense.

Where to learn and start your content creation journey?

You can try different platforms like Freelancer, Fiverr, or some other. But my personal favorite is LinkedIn for getting any kind of job. You can also use LinkedIn as your social media, and you can write articles that will gain professionals’ attention, unlike on Facebook or Insta.

Now coming to the learning part. Well, you have to try it on your own by watching youtube channels and reading blogs. You need to have lots of insight on a topic to write and this is absolute.

Udemy offers courses for writing and designing at $6.26 per course with lifetime access to the content and certification.

Skillshare is another alternative which costs $23.83 approx. to join if you subscribe for a year. It is not very clear if they charge additionally for classes, as there is already a charge for just joining them.

3. Being a streamer.


A YouTuber with a good number of views can earn a decent income. However, you need some proper, valuable content with which people will respect you and always be there for you as your humble subscriber.

Other platforms like reddit and twitch are also good when you want to stream gameplays. So 5th in the list on how to earn money online in india would be this.

You must have your own organic content that provides some kind of real value to your viewers.

What affect your earnings on YouTube?

The earnings depend on the genre or niche you choose for your channel. For example, technology, finance, and health are the topics that provide the highest possible profit from ads.

Because their companies burn most of the money on ads. If you have a health-related channel and have 10k views, you will earn more than some channels of comedy or roasting, having 20k views or even 40k views.

The conversion rate gets affected by the region you are targeting too, if your target audience is from the U.S.A you will more likely earn more from ads.

Role of SEO in youtube.

Last but not least, you need to learn about SEO. Search engine optimization, which is basically finding the words for your title on the channel and headings on your webpage.

This will not totally but will influence the ranking of your content on youtube if someone searches for it. let’s say you have video content for “hair problem”. Now, what kind of title you choose matters a lot.

Just do a search on youtube with the topic you choose and learn from top ranking video and their title, also do some research with google trends.

Having good content is awesome but you need to make it reach the surface. We don’t have any technology currently which actually finds something of quality with just one click, even trash comes at the top with the properly optimized title.

My last note will be this: other than tech, finance, and health. You need to do what you really enjoy, otherwise, you won’t be able to do it consistently.

Consistency is another key to success. You just need to have a crowd among which you are famous. Product sponsorship will be there for you to make some money, and referrals too.

Comedy is a good niche in this age of depression, anxiety, and toxicity.

Types of equipment

A mobile that can at least run free fire is enough if you are highly motivated.

But a mic, camera, or go pro is good. Depending on what type of YouTuber you are, if you are a PC gamer, your expenses will be nearly 90 to 1 lakh, including the PC.

If you want to know more about the equipment then checkout these recommended youtube channel; BeastBoyShub and Tech Burner.

or check this out

4. Being A Social Media Expert.


Not really some professional but basically an influencer or someone like a blogger on Facebook or Instagram. Facebook pays you for views and Insta brings the eyes around the world to you, which means you are gathering attention, and a lot of companies pay anyone who has this much attention for the promotion of their product or services.

Attention is a product, my friend. So if you have the ability to increase followers on Instagram or Facebook, you have immense potential and opportunity to monetize just send messages and emails to start-ups or maybe some known company or person who is interested.

5. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing

If you can send cold emails or messages or have a decent number of followers or visitors. To your website or youtube or you have a telegram or WhatsApp group in which you have a relevant social circle. You can provide them with the affiliate link of the product they might be looking for. When they buy that product, you get a commission/cut from the price of the product you sold.

6. Build some bots or online services.

online bots and services

You can build some bots or services, like Hashtag Creator or URL shortener. You can create some Telegram bots for simple use with a $1.00-a-lifetime subscription. If you want to learn something like this without much coding, we suggest you watch the H-educate YouTube channel.

7. Google Adsense


Using Google Adsense comes after you have some kind of digital property. like a blog, website, or YouTube channel, with some organic traffic. When you apply for Google AdSense, it will automatically scan your entire content genre and provide ads that are relevant to your visitors, which will produce the best possible profit.

8. Online trading


It is pretty risky and needs some in-depth knowledge which can only be acquired by huge determination and time spent in the research. Crypto stocks and other kinds of virtual and physical assets are being bought at very low prices and sold at 10 to 100 times the price.

It is pretty much a money-from-money type of earning through an online medium. You risk your investment or capital to have a profit over time or on a daily basis, which is called intraday trading. Loss can be huge as well. So do it at your own risk.

There are lots of paid reliable telegram channels for trading which you can use though.

Also check: best-telegram-channels-for-crypto-signals-in-2022

The only tip we have for you is to never trust a YouTuber for his top 10 crypto or stock list. Just do this. Is this coin or company usable and affordable by a common person(middle class, average tech knowledge)?

Does it have any value for us? If yes, then invest in it. Anything which is profitable and easy to use for the common man is always beneficial.

Common sense is kami-sama.

Where to trade?

for crypto trade on coinswitch, vauld finance, or wazirex for stock trading, you can try copy trading versions of trading apps like OctaFX


Blogging is fun when you are a traveler or person with days filled with enjoyable work, do what you can actually enjoy or be ready and up each day, or chase of money will break you.

There are fields like;

  • Digital Marketing
  • doing consulting
  • being virtual assistant

But these fields need some professional experience and training.

If you love some niches like animals, health, psychology, or games. You can do blogging on Blogger or WordPress. The medium only pays, when you pay it.

If you don’t want to write in the long form you can do slides or stories on Instagram. for example top 10 exotic creatures, with beautiful pictures and short form detail about them. Do this daily on some niche, and you will have a nice journey.

So this concludes the list of how to earn money online in india.

Note: We do not allow anyone to use our article on their website or anywhere. If you are using only a “PART” of it, then please link that part with this article.