5 great things to test in the public beta of iOS 16

The yearly upgrade to the iPhone operating system, iOS 16, is about to be released by Apple, and it's expected to happen in September.

However, you may test out iOS 16 by enrolling in Apple's open beta programme. In fact, the software upgrade is free to check out for anybody with an iPhone 8 or later.

With iOS 16, the iPhone will receive a tonne of new features. Here are five things to check out if you decide to install iOS 16 on your iPhone.

Following the installation of the iOS 16 public beta, here are five things you ought to test out on your iPhone.

Make your lock screen unique

The new lock screen gives you a variety of fonts, colours, and live widgets to select from. The nicest aspect of the new experience is generating a layered look

Music player all over your screen

There's a good reason why iOS 16's full-screen music player stands out. In fact, it replaces the wallpaper with album art that matches the colour of the backdrop of the screen.

Utilize Nintendo Joy-Cons to play games.

Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons and Pro Controllers will be compatible with Bluetooth connection on iPhones running iOS 16, providing consumers better control when playing mobile games on an iPhone

The iPad mini in particular gains new methods to play mobile games thanks to the Joy-Con support. Along with the Xbox Series X controllers, your iPhone and iPad already support the DualSense controller for the PS5.

Lock screen notifications have been updated.

When using a large phone like the iPhone 13 Pro Max, you can now access alerts with your thumb more easily because iOS 16 has moved them to the bottom of the screen.

Modify your messages

The most noticeable change in iOS 16 is that users will have 15 minutes to alter or unsend a message after it has been sent.

If you peek at a particular thread when you have a chance but don't want to forget to respond later, you may also mark it as unread.

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