550 women are suing Uber for alleged sexual assault.

550 women who claim that drivers on the ride-hailing company abused them are suing Uber in the US.

The filing includes allegations women passengers "were kidnapped, sexually assaulted, sexually battered, raped,  or otherwise attacked by Uber drivers

A representative for Uber informed the BBC that the lawsuit was filed on Wednesday at the San Francisco County Superior Court. "

Safety is paramount, which is why Uber has developed new safety features and implemented survivor-centric rules.

The case might be considered as further proof of Uber's terrible workplace culture, which makes it much more detrimental to the corporation.

In other words, Uber was outwardly saying its rides were safe, when in reality the company knew it had a problem.

Investors, meanwhile, are concerned that with all the negative coverage, customers may start looking elsewhere for their next ride.