Apple is introducing new App Store advertisements to assist users in discovering more apps.

Apple said today that it is expanding its options for developers to advertise their products on the App Store.

assisting developers in expanding their reach and making it easy to find more of the App Store's offerings

Until now, Apple has provided developers with two ad options on the App Store: on the Search tab and on the Search results page.

According to Apple, both ad placements have been a huge success for developers, assisting them in finding consumers who may be interested in their apps.

Ad opportunities in the App Store are being expanded as part of the company's efforts to keep the App Store as the greatest platform for developers to grow their businesses.

As part of those efforts, the first new ad opportunity will be available on the Today tab - the App Store's home page.

With Today App Store advertisements, developers will be able to market their products alongside the App Store team's daily editorial material.

According to the research, 400 apps produced at least $1 million in consumer expenditure in 2Q22, a 900 percent increase from 50 applications in Q2 2016.

Subscriptions are the primary driver of revenue growth, with non-game applications growing at over double the pace since June 2014, compared to less than 20% for games.

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