Apple's Plan to Pay $30.5 Million to Settle Bag Check Lawsuit Is Approved by the Judge

According to Bloomberg Law, Apple has agreed to pay $30.5 million to resolve a long-running complaint about staff bag inspections.

A judge has now officially approved the settlement amount after Apple first agreed to it in November 2021.

Between July 25, 2009 and August 10, 2015, 14,683 California employees who were subjected to off-the-clock bag searches were the defendants in the class action case.

In a class-action lawsuit, Apple was accused of subjecting workers to forced bag inspections that were "embarrassing and humiliating."

Employees were required to stay at work for an additional 10 to 15 minutes without getting paid since such checks were carried out after a shift.

According to Apple, bag checks made sure that staff weren't concealing stolen equipment in their personal bags and they could leave the bag at home if they did not want bag checks

Information on the Apple Bag Check Class Action Settlement is accessible for California employees who have been subjected to bag checks on Apple's legal website.

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