Best Games For Nvidia GTX 1650 Laptop In 2022


This is a racing game that allows the user to drive around the city and interact with almost everything in the game. The game also has seasons built into it.

Far Cry 5

This is a first person shooting game and is based in a fictional town of Montana, United States. The game revolves around a cult that is threatening the community’s freedom.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

This is an adventure-cum-action packed game, which manages to keep you wondering what happened. It has a story similar to Indiana Jones


It is an action-adventure game; offering the user to interact with almost everything in the game and providing hands down one of the BEST gaming experience of all time


GTA 5 is the ultimate gaming experience; it takes into account every small detail and the story has so much to offer in every genre.


Riot Games, best known for their League of Legends universe, created this shooter game that has recently gained popularity.


The game has a "build option," which allows the player to build during gameplay and protect themselves from other players.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Seige

The game physics and warfare tactics have all been accounted for here. This is the only game wherein you can literally interact with anything and everything,

Call of Duty: Modern Warzone

Although, the game is an online first person shooting game; everything in the game from Helicopters to Trucks can be interacted with.