There are a lots of pokemon now in pokemon unite but some stands out for various reason we will mention in this list.

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electro ball, surf and laser in s1 that you can always swap in between and ally shield, barrier and dash in s2 which again you can always swap back and forth.

Crowd control and scoring ability dominate in Pokemon Unite, so Dodrio, who excels at CC, speed, and scoring, is a must-have pokemon. Dodrio does not get stuck with scoring 30 or 50 at once but scores it in parts.

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Gengar have huge back to back kill potential, being invisible is one of those dominant factor in unite which does not have any counter. His ability reset is fast and damage is insane

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Tyranitar is no more than a wildling till level 8, but his potential to defend the goal in rank after level 9 is insane as he deals true damage, making legendary pokemon buff useless.

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Mamoswine can slow the goal-scoring speed when you cast some ice-related ability or attack under the tower, making it harder to goal. Slowing scoring speed is a very tactical ability.

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Hoopa has some very decent support abilities; she can legit go solo near an enemy base and call upon the whole team to reach the goal. She can connect both lane towers to teleport.

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The only ranged pokemon that can also be a melee pokemon has legendary pokemon steal ability, execute potential with surf combined with a clone is above the roof.

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His barrier can be used to block the patch thay connect central map to your base forcing enemy to waste their time, also his unite move disable enemy totally.

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