Colwill feels ready for Premier League football, with Chelsea, Huddersfield, or whoever

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levi Colwill didn’t waste any time in his first ever loan, impressing almost immediately after joining Huddersfield Town in the summer and making his first steps in senior professional football.

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Now, 29 appearances and almost 2500 minutes later, he feels ready for Premier League football already. And he’s probably not wrong. I think I’m ready. I’ve learnt a lot this year so the next step I hope will be in the Premier League with Chelsea, Huddersfield or whoever.”

As the 19-year-old who idolizes Thiago Silva more so than John Terry tells The Athletic in an exclusive interview, he’s made great strides in his game in the Championship, improving in all aspects of play, physical, tactical, mental.

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Obviously there’s a lot more room to grow, which is where it becomes even more important that the next step in his career is the right step. For now though, the focus is firmly on Huddersfield’s promotion bid, probably through the playoffs.

Indeed, it does. But Colwill will surely have a great shot at a Chelsea first-team role for next season, to play right alongside his idol, and be the next Academy talent to make the jump.

“Things have been going well. Why am I going to start thinking about the future when I have to concentrate on the present? It has to stay that way.” -Levi Colwill

“Even though I know there are a lot of people talking about me, I don’t listen. I just say it’s all a load of rubbish because if I start playing badly for a few games, they will be saying I’m not good enough. [...] It’s just a lot of talk and I don’t buy into it.