Lol Wildrift: Patch 3.5 darkin to dawn details, changes and upcoming champions

Image credit: League of legends 

If you follow our website, you know that three champions, aatrox, kayn and Lillia, are coming to rift this November to December and more after that.

Gameplay changes

Gameplay update includes: buff sharing mechanic, Red smite removal, turret respawn, conservation mechanic, rift herald update and monster nature changes.

Buff sharing mechanic

After 8 minutes in the game, killing the buff monster allows you to share the buff with mates when they enter the sharing zone. Red and blue have evolved forms removed.

Conservation buff

Exclusive to junglers, which stacks after killing a large monster that later cashes in for bonus gold. If you are only farming or only killing, you will miss out on this buff

Smite changes in wildrift

The red smite has been removed in patch 3.5, only 3 uses are required to upgrade the Smite. scaling has been removed and replaced by a fixed amount of damage.

Rift Herald

Rift Herald will arrive instantly once called and will ram into the tower way faster than before.

Inhibitor tower or base towers(expected)

The last 3 towers at the base will respawn after a few minutes with 1500 HP, stopping large waves from spawning.

New items and runes upgrade

New items: Horizon focus, Lords Dominik's regards. Phase rush changes and replacement of challenger rune with sudden impact rune etc.

Soulstealer New passive

The new passive: Soulflare provides extra cooldown on all basic abilities after kills, also granting extra ability power for few seconds.

Horizon Focus

Hitting champions with skillshots from a distance provides stacks, and hitting with cc skills grants extra stacks, after consuming stacks increases all types of damage dealt by abilities.

Lords Dominik's regards

When out of combat for more than 3 seconds, the first attack hit vs. champs will provide extra attack speed against champions.

Phase rush changes in wildrift

In patch 3.5, Phase rush will now Grant extra movement speed and ability haste after hitting champs with 3 separate attacks and abilities. Current rune CD also reduced

Sudden impact rune

Grants adaptive penetration after exiting stealth or use of a dash, blink or teleport

Remake and afk update

Now it will automatically trigger if the Remake option is available, There will be harsh penality for afk now. 

Same champ mode

Same 5vs5 champion mode, means 5 teemo vs 5 jax like situation. Imagine 5 aurelion sol vs 5 vex.