Unless they live together, Netflix does not want lots of viewers using the same account.

Netflix announced that it would "more broadly" implement paid sharing in the first quarter of 2023, boosting its campaign against households that share Netflix accounts.

Netflix explains the changes in a Q4 shareholder letter and claims that extensive account sharing hinders its capacity to make investments and develop the service.

Netflix claims that 100 million extra households that could be monetized have joined accounts with an estimated 222 million paying households.

Persons who share accounts with people outside of their household will need to pay Netflix. In certain Latin American nations, add-on charges have already been implemented.

For each additional non-household user of Netflix, an additional $3 is charged. According to a December Wall Street Journal article, Netflix might charge American customers slightly under $6.99.

Netflix intends to use IP addresses, device IDs, and account activity to enforce its password sharing policies.

Since Netflix has long tolerated the practise, charging for account access to friends and family may annoy some users.

However, Netflix does not want several users using the same account unless they live together. Pricing on Netflix plans includes watching on multiple supported devices in addition to influencing streaming quality.

For contrast, Netflix's premium plan supports Ultra HD 4K streaming with up to four compatible devices, such as iPhones, iPads, and Macs, at once. However, access will soon be restricted to those living in the same house.