Fans' Current Favorites for Pro Wrestlers in 2022

Even though 2022 is only halfway done, we have already seen a number of wrestlers contend to be the year's best performer.

Many fantastic bouts, entertaining rivalries, and memorable promos have taken place, but certain names will stand out more than others.

Let's take a look at who you believe has had the most influence thus far.

Seth Rollins Rollins would still be on this list for athletic talent alone, even if you took away the outlandish clothing, the outrageous demeanor, and the well-known entrance song.

Bianca Belair An wonderful ambassador for WWE and an inspiration to many young fans, as well as an incredible performer. demonstrating how perseverance and hard work can have a significant positive impact.

Roman Reigns has been performing at a higher level. His matches are memorable, his promos are consistently strong, and both inside and beyond the ring, his popularity is rising.

Cody Rhodes He now ranks among the top WWE performers because to his in-ring prowess and command of the microphone, but a pec injury has forced him to miss at least a few months of action.

Becky Lynch She returned and became one of the finest characters in the whole WWE right away, but this time she is acting as a heel.

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