For All Mankind on Apple TV+ gets a fourth season renewal

"For All Mankind," a  Apple TV+ space drama, has been renewed by Apple for a fourth season, the company said today.

One of the longest-running Apple TV+ series is "For All Mankind," which debuted when the service first launched in November 2019.

The film "For All Mankind" imagines what the world would look like if the space race had never ended and the US space programme had remained a top priority.

The first season had a Russian cosmonaut becoming the first to land on the moon, which destroyed NASA's morale and forced the U.S. to catch up.

The 2nd season fast-forwarded ten years, beginning in 1983, when the cold war was at its worst and the US and USSR were competing for resources on the moon.

Another time leap was made in season three, shifting to the early 1990s and seeing the US and the Soviet Union competing to reach Mars.

The fourth season's plot has not yet been revealed, but production is scheduled to start the following month.

A large selection of original TV series and movies are available on Apple TV+, which costs $4.99 per month.

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