How to Signal for help with the built-in siren on an Apple Watch Ultra

Apple Watch Ultra has an 86-decibel siren that you may activate if you ever get lost, hurt, or have any emergency

The siren has a distinctive sound signature that alternates between two separate rhythms and can repeat for many hours.

 The first pattern indicates distress, while the second imitates the widely recognized SOS pattern (range 600 feets)

In enclosed spaces like a classroom, it is advised to keep it away from your ear or refrain from using it for entertainment

Press and hold the action or side button until the siren slider appears, drag the slider and it will start soon

You may also start the countdown by pressing and holding the Action button, then continue holding it until Siren begins.

If you don't want the Siren to sound every time you hold the button, go to Settings -> Action Button and turn off the toggle next to Hold to Turn On.

To cancel siren: release the Action button, to cancel. You can also stop it while sounding buy using siren app which have a stop button

Cover the screen with your palm for up to 3 seconds if you utilized the slider for siren countdown