In the US, Apple Watch finds a fatal tumour and saves customers' lives.

Apple's smartwatch may have prevented the death of another person by spotting a rare tumour that may have been deadly to the wearer in the US.

Kim Durkee, citing 9To5Mac, received alerts from her Apple Watch two nights in a row in May indicating her heart was going through atrial fibrillation.

According to the report, which referenced CBS News, she initially believed the wearable was misreading her, but then she received a second warning.

According to Durkee, "the numbers went a bit too high for comfort the third night." 

then I said, you know what, go to the emergency room if they tell you it is nothing to worry about, then toss the watch,"

Added she. It turned revealed to be atrial fibrillation, and an aggressive, unidentified tumour was the culprit.

Doctors in Maine soon confirmed that her heart was beating erratically for a simple and scary reason.

She had a myxoma, a rare, fast-growing tumor that was choking off her heart`s blood supply and would have eventually caused a stroke," the report said.

Doctors sent her to Massachusetts General Hospital as a result of the Apple Watch alerts, where they performed a five-hour open heart surgery to remove the dangerous tumour.

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