With its Arc GPU lineup, Intel entered the distinct GPU market last year now intoduces arc a770 which will be available this early october.

Image source: Intel

A number of models of the Intel Arc A770 GPU will be offered starting on October 12 for a starting price of $329.

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Image source: Intel

The Arc A770 is a mid-range GPU with performance on par with the AMD Radeon 6650XT and Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060.

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According to Intel, the Arc A770 video card will provide up to 1440p gaming and up to 65% better ray tracing performance than the competitors.

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The Arc A770 supports Xe Super Sampling (XeSS), a technique that upscales and boosts frame rates at higher resolution using artificial intelligence.

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When the company first released the Arc A380, it was only available in China and targeted entry-level devices.

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Along with the 13th-generation Intel desktop CPUs, the the new A770 GPU series was also introduced.

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Changing the current entry-level gaming standard, playing games better than ever before. Every year, technology makes it more affordable to play games that we could not previously afford.

Image source: Intel