The M2 iPad pro does not pack much if you already own the M1 iPad pro series. The characteristics are nearly identical, and no improvement is very significant for casual users.

The new 11 and 12.9-inch iPad Pro models aren't all that intriguing because Apple didn't make any significant design or functionality enhancements.

Apple included an updated M2 processor, which has up to a 15% boost in CPU speeds and a 35% boost in GPU performance over the M1.

The display can identify the Apple Pencil when it is 12mm away from the screen thanks to a new hover function.

The low-cost iPad now includes USB-C and 5G connection, and Apple has built a Magic Keyboard Folio for it.

There is more display area available (it now measures 10.9 inches) and a variety of vibrant colors to pick from.

The 12-megapixel rear camera has been enhanced, and it is the first iPad with a landscape front-facing camera, which is beneficial if you use it in landscape mode.

If you have a previous-generation low-cost iPad, it is definitely a significant advance, and it is still $150 less than the iPad Air.

The inclusion of the iPad is a little perplexing because it is so identical to the iPad Air. It's simply an iPad Air without the M-series processor.