New Diagnostic Tool for iPhones with Issues of Unexpected Restart is Available at Apple Stores

Apple Authorized Service Providers and Apple Stores now have a new tool at their disposal to check whether a customer's iPhone is abruptly restarting.

Apple Stores and Apple Authorized Service Providers may now perform a new "System Stability" test when a client reports their iPhone 11 or newer is suddenly restarting.

It examines the device's analytics records to see whether any unusual restarts occurred more than once over the preceding 14 days.

According to an internal letter acquired by MacRumors, if the diagnostic reveals that unexpected restarts have occurred, Apple urges workers to move through with a hardware repair.

Apple urges professionals to send customers to a new support article with hardware and software troubleshooting recommendations if the diagnosis is successful.

Compared to current techniques, the new diagnostic tool gives Apple staff a quicker approach to figure out whether a customer's iPhone is abruptly restarting.

Restoring the device or manually checking analytics logs for kernel panics are a few examples. Apple Service Toolkit 2 includes the updated "System Stability" diagnostic package.

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