Rewards and how-to of supreme cell event described in detail.

credit: Riot games

Since the launch of yone, active players have had little to do in the game except for rank up. There is no new event currently.

So, as you may remember, Wildrift launched a roadmap of events, including the upcoming Supreme Cells event.

Supreme cell event will be available in Wildrift from October 8, best for players who don't want to wait in matchmaking que daily.

In order to compete in the high-stakes martial arts event known as The Supreme Cells Event and receive awards, you must train a hero.

Selection of champs can not be undone, there will be no option to change it back, and there are 3 champs to choose from, All 3 of them were in 1st slide.

Items like supreme cell recall, bubble and borders are avaiable. There are 6 different training and various bonuses.

When you train these champs, you inscrease basic stats like attack and level etc. Manual tapping need once a day for ultimate move.

By attacking the dummy you accumulate damage on the milestone bar which fills over time even when you are offline(for normal attacks)

You can earn more than 4000  poro energy and pose selection box plus the blue motes by which you get champions.