Polygon Commits $100M to ‘Supernets’ as Layer 1s Stand Up Application-Specific Blockchains

Polygon has announced Supernet chains, pledging to invest $100 million to attract the development of customizable networks.

Polygon plans to invest $100 million in customizable "Supernet" chains, customizable networks that projects will be able to run without cost.

The tool aims to fast-track blockchain adoption by reducing the barrier of entry for developers who previously used Polygon Edge.

On each Supernet, validators will stake MATIC tokens on the mainnet before going on to validate the network to ensure a robust level of security.

"The infrastructure tooling enables users to achieve desired outcomes easily and quickly," Polygon co-founder Sandeep Naliwal said in a statement.

"Polygon's goal is to bring mass adoption to Web3 as the key to blockchain adoption is to provide a comprehensive range of options for enterprises."

 In March, Avalanche committed $290 million to a Multiverse Fund, some of which will be used to develop "Subnets," a similar concept to Polygon's Supernets.