today pyke and nautilus were launched on wildrift, in the morning. Both of these champs are support, but one is sub assassin and other is tank.

Pyke is support assassin type champion, which can not gain any bonus health instead that hp converts into damage. Meanwhile nautilus normal attacks have CC effects with a cooldown of 6 sec

nautilus seems to be our first with cc even in his normal attack, you can root enemy briefly, ultimate knocks up the enemy s1 hooks and hurls you toward them,s2 give shield and s3 is a burst of water

Some of Pyke abilities are hidden, the details does not mention that he can move differently in riverbed, he can execute enemies one after another without much difficulty, his hook throws enemy behind.

Nautilus have bonus damage coming from shield , with all that cc and durabilty he is getting insta ban. He can become the new S + tier support same goes for pyke

Pyke stores damage he have taken and heals himself  when hidden or not visible to enemies, as support role is broken, pyke will destroy solo q

both of the champs can be used in jungle as they have bonus damage to non champ enemies, nautilus deal bonus dmg while using his shield

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