Specs you need for Need for Speed: Unbound.

Image credit: EA games.

Need for Speed: Unbound, scheduled for release on major platforms on November 29, 2022, is getting up to be one of the most anticipated games this winter.

When available, you can play this game on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Series S, and Microsoft Windows. Here are the specifications you need.

The minimum you need on a PC is Windows 10 64-bit, Ryzen 5 2600, or Core i5-8600. 8 GB RAM; RX 570, GTX 1050 Ti graphics, DirectX: Version 12. Storage: 50 GB.

Windows 10 64-bit: Ryzen 5 3600 or Core i7-8700, RAM: 16 GB, Graphics: Radeon RX5700 (8 GB), GeForce RTX 2070 (8 GB), DirectX: Version 12, Storage: 50GB.

Recommended pc specs

Players will be able to take advantage of a brand-new story featuring renowned rapper A$AP Rocky as the boss of the Takeover Scene once the game is released.

In terms of hardware potential, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are lagging behind. On consoles, Unbound will aim for 4K 60 FPS and include engine enhancements.

This basic high-risk-reward principle is still present in the new release, but apparently "new escape features"  can help you win the game.

The game NFS Heat, which came before Unbound, is recognized as one of the most notable recent entries. The Heat meter was the title's key selling point.

More fabulous prizes in the form of XP and money, , were also assured by the tremendous Heat gathered.