Sale of Tom Brady's 'final' touchdown ball voided

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The person who looked for a few days like the worst investor in the world is now getting a lifeline.

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Tom Brady announced on March 13 that he was not retiring and instead returning to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 

Just a day earlier, we learned that a collector agreed to pay just over $518,000 to win an auction for what was believed to be the ball from Brady’s final touchdown pass.

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The auction winner could not have had worse timing, as nearly the entire value of the ball is based on the fact that it was Brady’s final touchdown ball.

But there is some justice in the case. A deal between the buyer, consigner and auction house was voided.

Interestingly, the ball’s consigner is still planning to sell it through Leland Auctions, though much less money would be expected from a winning bid this time.