The iOS 16 Weather App Has Everything New

Apple made some significant improvements to the Weather app in iOS 16, introducing new sorts of notifications and expanding the information available about everything from humidity to temperature to visibility.

Weather The main style of the Weather app has not changed significantly, but Apple has updated the information available to you.

Feels like This module includes a second temperature chart that accounts for humidity, wind, and other elements to give you a better understanding of the current temperature.

The UV Index The UV index module displays the current UV rating as well as the maximum UV levels during the day. It also includes language indicating whether or not sun protection is advised.

Wind The wind module provides a daily summary, the current wind conditions, and a graph of the wind speeds and direction throughout the day.

Sunset/Sunrise The sunset and sunrise module lets you know when sunrise or sunset is depending on the time of day, and when you can expect first light and last light.