The James Webb Space Telescope of NASA provides a closer look at Jupiter's rings.                 Read More...

NASA has released images of Jupiter, its moons, and asteroids taken by the James Webb Space Telescope after providing a closer look at the distant universe

According to NASA, the new data includes images of Jupiter as well as images and spectra of several asteroids.

The image from the Webb Space Telescope shows the planet's distinct bands or rings, as well as the Great Red Spot.

The images were captured with the Webb Space Telescope's NIRCam instrument.This is a storm on Jupiter

Keep in mind that the image of the Great Red Spot appears white due to how the infrared image was processed

The images also include one of the asteroid 6481 Tenzing. The goal was to see if Webb could track a moving object.

According to NASA, "Webb will continue to collect valuable data using all of the science instruments."