To resolve the MacBook Butterfly Keyboard case, Apple will pay $50 million.

Apple said that it will pay $50 million to resolve the claim that it was aware of the problematic butterfly keyboard seen on various MacBook models.

Apple has avoided additional humiliation in one of the most infamous incidents that impacted hundreds of thousands of MacBook customers with the settlement.

Customers should anticipate maximum reimbursements of $300 to $395 for numerous keyboard replacements, $125 for a single replacement, and $50 for keycap replacements.

The law firms defending the action may also be entitled to up to $15 million in legal costs in addition to the reimbursement for the clients.

from 2015(when the macbook was new) to 2019 keys faced lots of problem to solve this apple provided many services for free but core issue of stickinnes was still persitent

There were many casual lawsuits against it, but the 50m dollars one mentioned that Apple knew about the problems, but still tried to put it under the rug.

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