To win the American Championship, Bobby Lashley defeated Theory.

Selfies, pose-downs, and baby oil, oh my. These three terms perfectly described the turbulent rivalry that has been developing between Bobby Lashley and United States Champion Theory.

The stage was set for a United States Title match when both competitors doused the other with baby oil during two Pose-downs.

Even though it was the weekend of July 4, Theory and Lashley pushed each other to the edge with their blows and strikes.

The All Mighty lifted Theory for a huge Spinebuster right away, preventing Theory from ever getting out of the starting gate.

Lashley had the early going under control, taking use of the ring post to batter Theory against the unforgiving post.

After surviving the assault, Theory locked Lashley in a headlock to subdue him. Lashley answered with a superhuman powerslam.

Theory imitated The All Mighty with a spectacular Spear, but Lashley flipped the script by applying the Hurt Lock and making the youngest U.S. Champion in WWE history submit.

The All Mighty successfully snatched the star-spangled title for the third time while receiving thunderous cheers from the WWE Universe.

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