Lol Wildrift devs have written a letter with hints on upcoming champions.

Image and text credit: Riot games

This November they are going to release Warwick. It was officially confirmed. Aatrox, Kayn, and Lillia will be introduced after Warwick.

The second champion after Warwick, most likely, will be Aatrox, according to the dev letter. As they mentioned him first, and he was also at the center of the picture.


They mentioned Kayn after Aatrox as "another man fighting to keep control". He will arrive in December, according to the current pace of releasing champions. which is 2 heroes per 30 days.

Then lastly they mentioned lillia " some are not so bold and instead look to bring a touch of magic to the jungle." While she might look like support or mage, she is a fighter.


Twitch the plague rat

They stated at the start of the letter, "I've heard rumors that there are plague rats feasting on those who stray from the pack."


 "comrades falling asleep before vanishing by the hands of a starry eyed trickster" is zoe. she does have ability related to sleep and she is considered to be a trickster.

The 2023 champion roadmap

The midsection of the letter talks about champion releases in wildrift till now, but after that, "rouguefool" mentioned upcoming 2023 champions.

Someone from underground in Zaun.

Dev aka Rouguefool wrote: " Our plan of attack says we’ll be heading underground to the seedy streets of Zaun." Urgot? He lives underground. 1% sure


The recent video of Fiddlesticks had crows. His ultimate involves crows, and he is a scarecrow. "I’m beginning to think that all these crows are spying on us." His passive is related to vision (trinklets).

Some spark,joy and wonder

They also mentioned, "The Captain has assured us we can still find sparks of joy and wonder." Many people think it is zeri as a spark of zaun, but then joy unbound is nilah.

what i think?

The spark of joy and wonder can be Zeri, Bard, & Nilah. Yes, all of them. If I am wrong, it might be zeri, but zeri alone is a spark of zaun. Joy unbound is nilah and Bard "the wonder above".

The wonder above.

Bard was teased as "the wonder above" in the League of Legends cinematics when they introduced him. This was also mentioned by the IGN website. He can be that wonder instead of Neeko.