WatchOS 8.7, tvOS 15.6, and macOS 12.5 are now available from Apple.

In addition to iPadOS 15.6, Apple has released new upgrades for Mac, Watch, and TV. MacOS 12.5, WatchOS 8.7, and tvOS 15.6 are the app versions, accordingly.

These devices receive a number of new updates and bug patches from all three operating systems. The full changelog is provided below:

The restart feature and bug patches for known issues, such as the Safari tab issue, are also included in the macOS 12.5 release.

On the TV app, you may fast-forward or rewind live sports. The update also offers further improvements and security upgrades.

The sixth significant upgrade to watchOS 8 that Apple has released is watchOS 8.7.

The update offers security updates and bug fixes to Apple Watch, but no significant changes.

The tvOS 15.6 upgrade arrives roughly two months after the 15.5 update and is primarily intended to resolve bugs.

performance concerns and a few small adjustments. There are no new features in the update. Additionally, stability enhancements are included.

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