Why Was Tilted Towers Destroyed In Fortnite v20.30 Update?

The infamous Fortnite POI, Tilted Towers, has once again been destroyed following the release of the v20.30 update earlier today.

Tilted Towers was one of the first major points of interest to be added to the Fortnite island all the way back in Chapter 1 Season 2. The popular spot has seen numerous reiterations over the years, including the likes of Neo Tilted, Gotham City, and more.

Today’s update also isn’t the first time Tilted has been partially destroyed either. In fact, it’s become a bit of a meme that the point of interest seems to always get the short end of the stick when it comes to destruction on the island.

Throughout the seasons, Tilted has been destroyed by earthquakes, meteor strikes, and even completely covered in snow.

The point of interest still remains on the island but has been renamed Tilted Touchdown as a large part of the location has been demolished. Fans might be wondering why exactly this has happened, well, it’s due to the ongoing war between the IO and The Resistance.

A heated battle between the two has been ongoing since Chapter 3 Season 3 first began, with the island split into territories. Epic Games state that the most climatic POI battle begins today at Tilted Towers

Epic went on to state that “the heart of the Island is at stake in the Battle for Tilted Towers. Players can join the Resistance in pushing back the IO! Higher than even the buildings is an IO Blimp carrying Huntmaster Saber, who refuses to stand down”.