With a new extreme sports model, the Apple Watch is about to become "pro."

This fall, a new extreme sports variant of the Apple Watch will officially become "Pro."

With the exception of the earbuds, Apple differentiates its Pro goods with improved performance and displays as well as a higher price.

As early as this autumn, Apple hopes to introduce new MacBook Pros featuring M2 CPUs. While the design of high-end laptops is "expected to stay basically the same,"

The pro features for the new, more costly Apple Watch that will be released this autumn, as I described this past week, will include a bigger and more durable display,

better tracking for swimming and trekking, a longer battery life, and a more substantial and durable casing made of high-quality titanium

That smartwatch will be made to appeal to people who would typically purchase a high-end Garmin sports watch for rigorous workouts as well as extreme sports competitors.

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