Online Betting in Bangladesh – Top 7 Sports to Bet On

Online Betting in Bangladesh – Top 7 Sports to Bet On

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Popular Sports for Online Betting in Bangladesh

Online betting is a popular pastime for sports fans. Thanks to the fact that it is now available on the Internet, you can place them even without leaving home while watching the match. And mobile applications allow you to bet in Live mode from the comfort of the stadium. Technology has definitely had a positive impact on the development of the industry.

Thanks to the Internet, it is now possible to watch and participate in any competition in various sports. Because of this, people from different countries have become more aware of disciplines that are popular with others.

So bettors were able to bring more variety to their favorite pastime. And bookmakers, in turn, provide everything necessary to satisfy all the desires of their users. Further in this article you will get acquainted with the most popular sports for online betting in Bangladesh. 

List of Popular Sports in Bangladesh

Sports in this country are an integral part of the culture. Many people in Bangladesh are actively involved in it or at least watch matches and support the national teams. The sports that are used for betting are very typical of Asia. With the top of the most popular of them you can read below:

  • Cricket. This is undoubtedly the most popular sport in the country. There has been a great deal of interest in it since the national team won the ICC Trophy in 1997 and qualified for the first ever Cricket World Cup in 1999;
  • Football. The sport is the most popular in the world, but not in Bangladesh. Traditionally for Asian countries, soccer is in second place;
  • Horse Racing. This sport was the very first on which the very first bettors were betting. It is honored and respected in Bangladesh;
  • Kabaddi. This exciting and dynamic sport is very common here. Especially in betting;
  • Tennis. This sport is mainly played in urban areas of Bangladesh. Grand Slam tournaments, such as the US Open, Wimbledon, are very popular among bettors in this country;
  • Hockey. Previously, Bangladesh has often participated in competitions and championships in this sport. To this day, bettors are still actively betting on it;
  • ESports. This category of betting includes many disciplines. Mostly Bangladeshi bettors stake on CS:GO and Dota 2.

These are all the most popular sports in Bangladesh. You should understand them in more detail in order to start betting successfully. Below you will find a description of each discipline.


This sport is very popular around the world thanks to fans from Bangladesh, India and other Asian countries. Cricket itself is not only interesting to watch but also very suitable for betting. Most often bettors do it in Live. The main reason for their choice is that some cricket matches can last quite a long time. The sport is very rich in all kinds of tournaments and competitions. Get acquainted with the most popular of them can be found below:

  • Test Matches;
  • Central Europe Cup;
  • Andhra Premier League;
  • 3rd T20;
  • 1st ODI;
  • West Indies-Bangladesh ODI Series;
  • IPL;
  • Tamil Nadu Premier League.

All these championships are the most attractive for Bangladeshi bettors. You can also place different types of bets on cricket. Most often choose on the result, double odds and handicap. You should read the rules and teams in cricket to bet successfully.


Soccer is a well-known sport that gathers millions of fans in stadiums and viewers near the screens. It is the starting point for many betting enthusiasts in Bangladesh. The main reason for this is that soccer is quite simple and easy to understand. Here you get a good spread of events in most bookmaker companies, as well as a large variety of betting options. The most popular leagues and championships in soccer:

  • Australia Premier League;
  • China League;
  • Myanmar National League;
  • Australia Women Premier League;
  • Saba Soccer PinGoal.

It is these tournaments that are popular with Bangladeshi bettors. You can bet on anything in soccer, from the exact score to the number of corners. The main thing is to choose a good bookmaker.

Horse Racing

Horse racing is the ancestor of all betting. However, the sport is now a bit inferior to the rest. But still bettors love it and actively bet on it. Especially in Bangladesh. The main advantage of horse racing is that the run lasts no more than 2 minutes and they are held regularly. The main thing here is to choose a good bookmaker’s site so that a lot of events are available. The main types of bets on horse racing:

  • Win. Requires you to guess the horse that crosses the finish line first;
  • Place. Here, the horse you have chosen must be in the prize pool of finishers;
  • Double. You must guess the two horses that manage to come first in two different races;
  • 2 Double. It is required to guess the four winners of the races;
  • Exacta. It is necessary to specify exactly which participant will win and which one will take second place in the same run.

These are all commonly used variants of betting on races. You should familiarize yourself with the history and characteristics of the horse and rider before placing. This is very important.


A unique sport of its kind that is unlike any other. Kabaddi combines catch-up and wrestling elements. Because of its many features, this sport has become very interesting to Bangladeshis. They actively watch and bet on Kabaddi. The most popular event here is the Major League. Bookmakers often give very good odds on these matches. Also there are often regional tournaments on Kabaddi.


Betting on this sport is very popular in Bangladesh. Tennis bettors are attracted by the dynamism and sudden change of events in the game. Most often they place live bets on the results and totals of matches and sets. The most popular events in this sport are:

  • ATP;
  • WTA;
  • Challenger;
  • ITF;
  • Women Doubles.

These are the most popular tournaments for tennis betting in Bangladesh. You should familiarize yourself with them. Because of the dynamism of tennis, there are many breakouts. The game here is played on different types of surfaces, so the winter break is minimal. Tournaments are held all year round. The exception is a two-week break on New Year’s Eve.


Hockey is one of the most popular sports in the world. Fast matches and the opportunity to earn in the moment attracts bettors from Bangladesh. Hockey, like most disciplines, is a seasonal sport. However, the off-season period is very short. Usually the championships start at the end of August or beginning of September and last until the end of April. The most popular ones are:

  • National Hockey League. This is a professional tournaments that brings together clubs from the United States and Canada;
  • Continental Hockey League. This is an international competition in which many countries participate;
  • European Championships;
  • International tournaments.

You can bet on any of these championships. For hockey, bookmakers often place high odds because the game is very dynamic. However, not all sites are willing to provide a good spread. Therefore, it is worth analyzing and choosing the best.


This is a new discipline that officially has the status of a sport. There are already many different tournaments and matches for different games in ESports. Bettors from Bangladesh are actively exploring this direction. The most popular are the following games:

  • Dota 2. The variety of bets on this game is huge. The most attractive in Dota 2 are large prize pools for the winners. Amounts run into several millions. This is the most profitable and promising game for eSportsmen;
  • CS:GO. Counter-Strike is a well-known computer game, which is included in the category of cyber sports. Each year, about a hundred competitions are arranged on CS:GO. Also, in addition to this held more modest competitions. Here is a predetermined format of duels. This allows bettors to immediately think through strategies and betting options.

ESports is a really promising direction. With the help of these games and unique betting options, bettors can diversify their usual entertainment. You should definitely look into it since this sport may become the most popular in the future.


You have been introduced to the 7 most popular sports in Bangladesh. You can choose one or several at a time. The main thing is to learn all the rules and options. The knowledge will definitely help you to succeed. It’s also important to choose a good site to bet on. This is worth a lot of attention.