CS: GO: 7 Best Grenade Spots In Dust 2 Map 

CS: GO: 7 Best Grenade Spots In Dust 2 Map 

CS GO 7 Best Grenade Spots In Dust 2 Map (1)

Excellent grenade spots can significantly impact your match’s outcome on the Dust 2 map of CS:GO. It frequently gives you the advantage in a conflict while allowing you to protect yourself and the other team members. The ideal grenade spots in Dust 2 are right here.

New players have been introduced to the original Dust 2 map thanks to the redesign, but several well-known grenade spots have also been moved about. Players now have to search for the finest grenade spots all over again in Dust 2.

1. HE grenade spots In CS: GO Dust 2 Map.


Some of the strongest grenades in CS:GO are HE grenades. Since you only receive one of these and they have a good amount of area of effect and damage, it’s crucial to make every throw count.

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1. B main HE grenade spot in CS: GO Dust 2 Map

dust2-b main (1)

Due to the fact that it can prevent any adversaries from charging B Main at the beginning of the game, this is mostly a grenade spot for Counter-Terrorists.

If you don’t want to use both, you may accomplish it with only a HE grenade, however a Molotov is recommended for optimal results.

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To stop any B Main rushers, Pass through B doors and take a look through B main. Attempt to target B Main with a Molotov cocktail or left-click to launch a HE grenade into B Main. With your team, rush B and kill everyone still alive.

2. A Short HE grenade spot in CS: GO Dust 2 Map

CS GO A short grenade spot

When utilized properly and in the ideal location, HE grenades may cause a team substantial damage. When players are rushing the CT spawn or attempting to prevent any terrorists from approaching A, throwing one into A Short is ideal.

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Another factor making this a fantastic grenade site is the ability to hit A Short while remaining undetected. This is how you do it: Visit Under A Place yourself on the corner boxes. Click left to toss while aiming at the left building.

3. HE grenade spots to counter campers in CS: GO Dust 2 Map

CS GO long door pit

The campers are one of a few other annoying CS: GO elements. They are in the ideal position and will probably kill you before you have a chance to fire a shot, especially if they are concealed in the pit by A Long Doors.

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A well-placed HE grenade might be useful in this situation. Each will either kill the camper or force them from their position so you may shoot. Here’s how to get rid of any bothersome campers:

Go to A Long Doors and avoid the Pit’s line of sight. If you’re using a grenade, aim for the wall, and if you’re using a Molotov, aim for the pit corner where they’re situated. Throw.

4. Lower Tunnels HE grenade spot in CS: GO Dust 2 Map

CS Go lower tunnels (1)

In Dust 2, lower tunnels are frequently filled with camper players who want to remain undetected and ambush gullible players. This makes it a somewhat risky area to force through unless you possess the necessary tools to easily clean it out.

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A well-thrown HE grenade can eliminate all dangers, enabling you to advance or seize control of the situation. This is how you do it:

Look for the doors under the streetlight in the lower tunnels. Aim toward the top of the tower in front while standing under the streetlight. Left-click and toss anything up toward the tower’s peak.

Molotov spots

CSGO dust 2 Molotov grenade spot

Unless the opponent gets trapped in flames, molotovs aren’t extremely lethal. However, it works well for either intimidating enemies to stop their charge or bringing out any campers so your squad can quickly eliminate them.

Molotov spot at the back of B

CS GO dust 2 back of b molotov spot (1)

Unlike grenades, molotovs can be used for many tactical purposes. It can also be used as bait. They may irritate enemies because they linger longer and have a significant effect area.

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By dropping one in a densely crowded location, you may immediately alter the course of a battle and lure out opponents for you to eliminate.

Proceed to B Doors. Stand on the box in the corner by the doors. Aim your Molotov at the center rivet on the right frame. Jump, then toss by clicking left.

Molotov spots to counter cover by “New Car”.

CS GO dust 2 New Car

It’s a stealthy cover that keeps you hidden from players passing through A Long and is excellent for picking off opponents. One of the many new gameplay mechanics included in Dust 2’s redesign is a new hiding spot named “New Car.”

Some CS: GO knifes: Shark Butterfly and Karambit Training Knife.

Hop on the long barrel next to the Long Doors. Left click and aim above the saloon sign and then hurl the Molotov over it.

To get the players out of their hiding places and prevent them from continuing, throw a Molotov cocktail at the car. this will work just fine for you.

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