Top Gaming YouTube Channels to Follow for Epic Gameplays

Top Gaming YouTube Channels to Follow for Epic Gameplays


YouTube is a giant platform to discover and explore various content around the world, and one of them is gaming. Have you ever noticed that there is a certain harmony between watching someone play a game and playing that very game yourself? There are numerous YouTubers or gaming influencers whose channels are loyally dedicated to video gaming and real money casino content.

While there are other streaming platforms like Twitch, where people watch the streamers play the games live, many game lovers upload their gaming content on YouTube. They showcase highlights of their gaming sessions or predict upcoming events. With that said, here are the top gaming YouTube channels to follow right now for epic gameplay. 

1. VanossGaming

A 31-year-old lad behind the screen, VanossGaming, whose real name is Evan Fong, is a Canadian YouTuber, DJ, and music producer, who has a whopping 25.8M subscribers presently. Evan Fong is a well-known gaming influencer and content maker among gaming enthusiasts, who mainly create content of him going against other gamers in multiple gaming sessions. 

According to him, his essence is all about showcasing himself and his circle of friends engaging in a fun time, laughing, chatting, and creating jokes over a gaming session. The channel has over 15 billion views currently, with its most popular title being “Gmod Sandbox – The Toys Escape!”.

2. Markiplier

With over 35 million subscribers, Markiplier is one of the most popular gaming YouTube channels on the platform. The channel is owned by Mark Fischbach, a Hawaiian-born filmmaker and YouTuber.

He mainly creates YouTube content where he documents his gameplay sessions with uncensored comments in an animated way. Whether you are looking for fun games, comedy sketches, reactions, horror games, reviews, compilations, challenges, or more, you will discover diverse content on this gaming YouTube channel. 

3. Jacksepticeye

Born into Irish roots, Jacksepticeye aka Sean William McLoughlin is well-known for his content like the Let’s Play series, Try Not to Laugh, TikTok reactions, IRL, meme reviews, and vlogs. His YouTube channel has green colour as the theme, and he never misses to start his videos with his punch line, “Top of the mornin’ to ya laddies! My name is Jacksepticeye!”.

With over 30 million subscribers today, Sean initially started his YouTube journey in 2012 and gained significant popularity after catching the attention of Pewdiepie. Check out his most popular YouTube video, “ALL THE WAY – Jacksepticeye Songify Remix by Schmoyoho”, with 106 million views and counting. 

4. Hustler Casino Live

This is another gaming YouTube channel to check out if you are planning to enhance your skill in playing real money casino platforms. Hustler Casino Live channel is dedicated to creating videos related to poker casino games.

They showcase thrilling poker tournaments, show glimpses from Texas Hold’Em, live stream playing poker games, and many more. Poker enthusiasts and casino players, in general, will discover a wide range of content on this channel. Make sure to check out their video “Top 10 Hands of 2021”. 

5. Ali-A

Ali-A YouTube channel is one of the most popular gaming channels followed by enthusiastic gamers from all over the world. The channel is run by Alastair Aiken, a 29-year-old British, who is famous for sharing gaming video content on globally-loved games like Pokemon GO, Minecraft, Fortnite, and Call of Duty. The young Brit mostly plays these games on PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii U, giving his viewers an outlook on the gaming consoles. 

Ali-A was initially named Matroix before changing it to the current channel name, and Alastair later created his secondary YouTube channel named ‘MoreAliA’, where he uploads content about video reactions. In Ali-A, you will mostly discover gaming videos and coverage of any new game launches. This channel also holds a Guinness World record for the highest subscribed and viewed Call of Duty YouTube channels.

6. TheSyndicateProject

TheSyndicateProject is another gaming YouTube channel you may check out if you are into video games. Behind the channel is Tom Cassell, a 24-year-old Brit, who started the gaming channel 13 years ago in 2010.

Followers of this channel popularly refer to the content creator as Tom Syndicate. The channel is known for sharing content about games like Modern Warfare 2 and Halo, but lately, the creator has expanded his scope on the range of games he plays. 

As the channel name suggests, the creator has a series of projects created for its followers, sharing a range of content for various games. Some of the projects you can check out are- A Minecraft Project, The Simdicate Project, etc.

7. speedyw03

The bio of this gaming YouTube channel says, “Gaming videos that will make you laugh”, and sure enough, it is what you will experience if you visit the channel. Speedy aka Lucas Speed Eichorn Watson is the man behind the speedyw03 channel, who focuses on making gaming-related videos that will leave you entertained.

The channel is famous for creating content related to Call of Duty, GTA, H1Z1, Fortnite, and CS:GO, among many others. Speedy also has a secondary gaming youtube channel called ‘KYRSP33DY’, where he mainly shares Minecraft-related content.