Top 13 PS5 Hunting Games In 2023 [Ranked List]

Top 13 PS5 Hunting Games In 2023 [Ranked List]

Hunt Showdown-The Best PS5 Hunting Games (1)

Are you looking for a hunting game that can provide you with the ultimate thrill of the hunt on your PS5? Hunting games have come a long way in the past few years, and the latest PS5 games provide gamers with a realistic hunting experience where they can explore vast open-world environments and take down wild animals.

From dinos, fish, and bears to dears all kinds of animals that you can hunt with various types of weapons.

In this article, we will be discussing the best PS5 hunting games that are currently available on the market.

1. Euro Fishing

Euro Fishing - The Best PS5 Hunting Games (1)

From the start, you can tell how much time and effort the game wants you to put into it by including an Academy Mode where you may learn the fundamentals of fishing. Afterward, you can move on to the next level, “Freedom Fishing,” in which you select your spot and endeavor to perfect the great art of fishing—just you and nature.

There are several game modes available, including a single-player option in which you may compete against AI in various situations and objectives, or you can play alone and try to defeat challenges set up to put your angling abilities to the test.

2. Pro Deer Hunting 2

Pro Deer Hunting 2 - The Best PS5 Hunting Games (1)

Pro Deer Hunting 2 builds on the long heritage of realistic deer hunting simulators! Among the Best PS5 Hunting Games it offers new features are major visual improvements, the introduction of the muzzle-loading weapon, and a climbing tree stand. The same pro-and-action hunt gameplay is back, this time with improved artificial intelligence for the deer you chase.

Continue the tradition by becoming the next Pro Deer Hunter 2! Collapse

3. Hunting Simulator 2

Hunting Simulator 2 - The Best PS5 Hunting Games (1)

We enjoy Hunting Simulator 2 a lot more than we anticipated. Its slow pace is broken up by exciting moments when you see or hear the animal you’re looking for, much as in real life. The legal equipment and weaponry available for purchase add to the authenticity. I enjoy Hunting Simulator 2 by focusing on the exciting moments and skipping the post-kill routine.

Our only desire is that it have a mission structure or, at the very least, a challenge mode. Yet there are small quibbles since I was dragged into it in ways I hadn’t imagined.

4. Open Country

Open-Country - The Best PS5 Hunting Games (1)

Open Country is a good game to play. It doesn’t look great, the camera controls are wacky, and the gunplay won’t give the Hunter any restless nights, but if you ignore Gary and his dumb fetch missions, the main game, the exploration, and roaming around are very pleasant.

Taking a walk into the woods and constructing a shelter—with the added benefit that zombies don’t come out at night—makes this a nice experience despite, rather than because of, the construction.

5. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3-Wild Hunt-The Best PS5 Hunting Games

While longstanding fans of the novels and games will find enough to like, The Witcher 3 is also by far the finest entry point into the franchise. If you’ve never played a Witcher game before, this is a wonderful place to start. In many respects, this is the same game that CD Projekt Red has been making for over a decade, but with the edges smoothed off.

All of the trademark systems, such as alchemy, skill advancement, and mutagens, are there, but they have been combined into a more coherent and streamlined whole than ever before. Inventory management can be cumbersome, although anticipated interface changes in subsequent versions may help alleviate this.

6. Catch and Release

Catch and release-The Best PS5 Hunting Games

Although Grant has been fishing in some fascinating seas in the aftermath of Garner’s fiancée’s death, he is unable to offer the room the same kind of new glitter as the com. Catch and Release end up seeming like an anemic love fest that stumbles into the middle of a great comedy.

While there’s never a clue that things won’t go as planned, the trip to the conclusion is at least enjoyable, even if Garner does need a little help from her pals.

7. Hunt: Showdown

Hunt Showdown-The Best PS5 Hunting Games (1)

Hunt: Showdown’s unique competitive-cooperative twist distinguishes it as a different and intriguing Early Access title. Winning a match in hunting seems like a true accomplishment, what with hunting down deadly beasts, crawling through dark forests, and attempting not to be murdered by competing hunters along the way?

Losing all of your stuff upon death is a terrible punishment, but this is a system that rewards hard work.

Crytek has created a palpably tight and horrifying shooter that’s equal parts survival and competition, but it still has to address issues like people gaming the system by camping on escape routes, an untrustworthy AI, and other fundamental performance difficulties.

8. Far Cry 6

Far-Cry 6-The Best PS5 Hunting Games

Far Cry 6 is some of the most enjoyable Far Cry games I’ve played in over a decade. Its cast gives good performances in an appealing plot, even if it is somewhat predictable and doesn’t always land the bolder swings it attempts.

Yet, despite some shaky new inventory mechanisms and a few odd design choices, its inventive weaponry means taking down an outpost, ransacking a convoy, or simply riding with a friend has never felt better.

9. Horizon Zero Dawn

horizon-zero-dawn-The Best PS5 Hunting Games

Horizon Zero Dawn manages many moving pieces with polish and subtlety over a big and gorgeous open environment. Its major pastime, battle, is immensely fulfilling due to the various designs and behaviors of the machine creatures that wander its lands, each of which must be put down with care. Despite the fact that the side questing might have been more innovative, the missions are interesting due to a major mystery that led me down a deep rabbit hole to a really shocking—and moving—ending.

10. Predator: Hunting Grounds

Predator-hunting-grounds-The Best PS5 Hunting Games (2)

Predator: Hunting Grounds is an immersive, asymmetrical shooter set in distant locations all over the world, where the Predator chases the most difficult prey. As a member of an elite fireteam, you must fulfill paramilitary missions before the Predator discovers you. Or, you may play as the Predator and hunt the most deserving victims, selecting from your broad variety of lethal alien technology to acquire your trophies one by one.

11. Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon-Forbidden-West-The Best PS5 Hunting Games (1)

Horizon Forbidden West is an enormous blast and a terrific demonstration of the potential of the PS5. It’s a victorious blend of engaging gameplay, top-tier monsters, character design, and a riveting open world. Although the reappearance of a few old series clichés and a notable absence of freeform climbing never threaten to ruin the delight, it does fall painfully short of being innovative.

Yet, major developmental leaps have been firmly pushed in the correct direction, and there’s no questioning the many, many hours of pleasure to be had with Aloy, who makes her claim to being one of the finest characters of this generation of gaming. Guerrilla has excelled again with Forbidden West, and at this rate, neither the horizon nor the sky is boundaries to what may happen next.

12. Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World-The Best PS5 Hunting Games (1)

Whether it’s the best or not, this is the most daring Monster Hunter game. World makes a major leap into a look, feel, and size that feels really fresh while remaining loyal to the series’ values by retaining the addictive cycle of battle, terrifying creatures, and important advancements that fans have come to expect.

The level of intensity and dedication required remains strong making this among the best PS5 hunting games available in 2023, but it’s apparent that Capcom’s goal isn’t to attract a casual audience. This is as engrossing and fantastic a journey as it has ever been.

13. The Hunter: Call of the Wild

The Hunter Call of the Wild-The Hunter Call of the Wild

The Hunter: Call of the Wild provides a realistic hunting experience. Walk into a stunning open environment brimming with life, from stately deer and awe-inspiring bison to innumerable birds, creatures, and insects.

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