Best Zombie Games For PC In 2023 - Epic Scary List

Best Zombie Games For PC In 2023 – Epic Scary List

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If you are hooked with most horrifying games, that means you must love the horror life beyond the game. Zombies offer you a golden plate with a silver spoon. Smash them, they come running in huge numbers. When they are supposed to run like a snail and reach you like a ninja, it just brings your heart into your hands.

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What PC zombie games are the best in 2022? It’s a good question since it’s difficult to go on Steam without a zombie game grabbing at your ankle. Despite the abundance of mindless clones, don’t write off the genre altogether. Below, you’ll find a list of some of the top zombie PC games.

Everything a fan of the undead might want is included in this collection of zombie video games. We have The Walking Dead’s terrifying moral conundrums, Call of Duty’s fast-paced first-person shooter action, and Resident Evil’s traumatising terror. These are the best zombie PC games, regardless of how decrepit your tastes are, and no, we won’t be answering any questions right now.

You can choose to take a shambling detour via post-apocalyptic parkour and tower defense games. From co-op games that are more Lovecraftian period pieces to simulation-style management games, zombie games are available. It’s critical that you gain your bearings and understand what’s what since popular culture’s infatuation with the undead has bestowed upon us many gifts, including a wealth of memes.

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These are the best zombie games on PC in 2022:

We have taken a different a approach while making this list and have not mention some obvious AAA titles like days gone and Resident Evil Village. Instead we have listed hidden gems which will surely make you jump out of your chair.

1. Zombie Army 4

zombie army war 4

In the sea of Left 4 Dead-style co-op shooters, Zombie Army 4: Dead War feels entirely similar, but it has some inventive technical elements and new takes on one of the oldest video game clichés: eliminating Nazi zombies. There are several possibilities for frightening teamwork and nasty, revolting X-ray murders thanks to its diverse and campy narrative campaign and an entertaining horde mode.

The draw of its replayability, though, isn’t as powerful as it might be because the weapon growth system doesn’t provide many opportunities to diversify.

2. Dead Rising 4

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The basic gameplay in Dead Rising 4 is the greatest the series has ever seen. I still find new and entertaining methods to slaughter the dead in this film, and its unexpectedly engaging storyline goes beyond just as a vehicle for murdering zombies.

Frank West’s return gives the franchise some new concepts, a tonne of gory mayhem, and a whole lot of cracking wise, despite the technological flaws that come with the series, its absence of co-op narrative mode play, and the enjoyable but inconsistent multiplayer. Let’s hope he remains here for a while.

3. Back 4 Blood

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Back 4 Blood is a cooperative next-gen first-person shooter developed by the Left 4 Dead team. The game combines the greatest elements of what made the co-op zombie shooter so popular with new features and cutting-edge technology, and is set in a terrifying new world full with zombies and other unpleasant threats.


SCUM (1)

SCUM is amazing, despite being weary by that sort of event. It’s currently in Early Access, but the gameplay is smooth, the problems are few and far between, and there’s a good base here that can only improve. Plunder and create your way from zero to hero using the same basic gameplay concepts as in any other open-world survival game..

The legend and background, on the other hand, are rather distinctive. Everyone is a prisoner who has been put into this arena as a kind of punishment. Drones fly round filming the convicts for a nasty television show for the public. Currently, all drones do is video you for a short period of time and cause you to vomit out of fear.



The entire map is open, and there aren’t many instructions, so your only chance of survival is meticulous preparation and having a tab open to the Zomboid wiki. Once you’ve established a base of operations, the game switches to tense smash-and-grab encounters where you must weigh the chance of discovering wealth against the danger of encountering zombies. For long-term survival, rural America must be rebuilt, farms must be established and maintained, and a defensive playstyle must be adopted.

Project Zomboid reminds you, “This is how you died,” as you carefully make your first venture into the overrun American countryside. This will have a negative result. By using your shrewd scavenging, food sourcing, and first aid skills that you have developed playing the best survival games, you can delay the inevitable for a time.

In contrast to other zombie games, which focus on first hitting the undead with heavy weapons before switching to heavier ones, Zomboid emphasizes caution, slow-burn tactics, avoidance, and cautious management. Speaking of slow burns, Zomboid has been under open development for almost five years; read our Project Zomboid Early Access review to find out what we think of it. This is one of the most thorough zombie games ever, so don’t let the Early Access label fool you.



The original map is substantially simpler for the traditional survivor modes, and it also contains a new plot, excellent tutorials, and tonnes of easter eggs. There is still a tonne to get your teeth into, and players have responded more favourably than with earlier instalments.

Since Treyarch’s Call of Duty games have the finest zombie horde modes available, any of them might be chosen for this list. Black Ops 4 featured a really fantastic zombies mode, but we’ve chosen to focus on Black Ops Cold War since it’s a decent starting place for people who haven’t played this mode previously and because it’s a great FPS game in general.


NSwitchDS_ZombieNightTerror_image1600w (1)

In some zombie novels, the hordes aren’t completely mindless; instead, a larger brain directs them as they hunt for brains. In this instance, you are controlling the epidemic from behind your keyboard. According to NoClip developers, the best way to escape the zombie apocalypse is to BE the apocalypse!

Lemmings’ noble aim may have seemed too altruistic for some people, in which case Zombie Night Terror is a zombie-themed variation on the puzzle game. In order to guide your mindless charges around the booby traps they would otherwise stumble into, you are given a side view of the black-and-white action and opportunities to alter it.



DayZ has more than enough content to stand alone, even though the mod’s alleged exploitation of the Early Access idea has tested fans’ forbearance to the breaking point.

DayZ no longer defaults to banditry; there is possibility for commerce hubs, massive farms, and dependable towns. Unfortunately, the post-social civilized fantasy is still a few releases away, and over time, glitches and performance problems may stifle your excitement. DayZ is now a live simulation as well as a survival game.

You will still have to go through the tense survival period where you flutter from greenhouse to gas station, gathering supplies and avoiding violence. In the simulation game DayZ, it’s not the hungry zombies that follow you about at all times. On the road, you’ll still have your share of Cormac McCarthy moments as you try to decipher a stranger’s motives. However, DayZ becomes accessible after you are surviving on Pepsi and scraps. This greenhouse will be used as a legitimate farm. You and any passing merchants may survive off of it.


world war z

This Left 4 Dead-inspired zombie game has a lot going for it even if it has nothing to do with the corresponding Brad Pitt movie. While World War Z adds nothing new to the premise, it is nevertheless a lot of fun to go through the game’s gauntlet-style campaign objectives with friends, grow your equipment over time, and see decaying carcasses explode under severe machine gun fire.

It has also been a great success, with over 2 million copies sold on the Epic Games Store since its debut. Aftermath, a free expansion that was published in September 2021, added additional story arcs, a first-person perspective, and even a brand-new melee system. This could be a better option if you don’t think Back 4 Blood is the L4D sequel you deserve.


killing floor

Killing Floor 2 is one of the finest co-op PC games, second only to Left 4 Dead 2. It’s a chaotic, frenzied thrill as you blow out zombie brains to raucous heavy metal.

Most significantly, Killing Floor 2’s gameplay is fantastic to play with friends as a gloriously gruesome shooter. Its finest mechanic is a later inclusion that has improved things even more.

Killing Floor 2 is a fantastic pick-up-and-play co-op game because of the hordes of zombies of all different sizes and forms that attack you quickly. However, as you spend more time killing zombies, Killing Floor 2 transforms into a zombie game with an intriguing tactical element: do you use your blood-soaked resources right away or protect them for some upcoming problem?


state of decay

The first State of Decay is better if you’re seeking for a compelling narrative, but the sequel does a commendable job of developing the previous game’s concepts to create a more enjoyable survival/open-world experience.

State of Decay 2 offers a straightforward yet entertaining core loop and plays like an RPG. You will choose a protagonist from your group of survivors and send them into the wilderness in search of the food, fuel, or medicine that the others need to survive. You can control a different character from your base who has their own history, personality, and level of fighting capability when one of your characters passes out at home or is assaulted by the undead.

Every time you decide to accept a new stranger into your expanding community, you are also accepting a new playable character and a fresh narrative with a beginning, middle, and finish. We eagerly anticipate State of Decay 3’s release.


A man stands on a bus fending off a horde of undead in Dying Light 2, one of the best zombie games on PC

The superior parkour system in Dying Light 2 is what distinguishes it from its competitors. It was passable in the original game and is at its finest in Dying Light 2. Even though this open-world RPG game has some issues, it’s off to a solid start and rightfully deserves a spot among the finest zombie games of the previous year. The clambering, however, influences every other part of the game, making it an exploratory, emergent journey. Take the roofs, which were constructed with vertical wandering in mind, instead of the more monotonous tasks for optimum results.

When the studio (finally) released Dying Light 2, we were overjoyed.Dying Light 2 is a scavenger, just like its survivors in a world after an epidemic. It plagiarizes the Ubisoft template for its map icons and side activities. Mirror’s Edge provided inspiration for the parkour.

13. LEFT 4 DEAD 2


Left 4 Dead 2 depicts a world in which normality is all too recent, in contrast to certain post-apocalyptic situations that fall back on a familiar zombie-dom to which we have become accustomed. Thanks to the words written on the walls of safe homes, mankind feels close enough to touch even when cities are empty following waves of evacuations. The cultural fusion of New Orleans and its surroundings, which permeates from the marshes to the streets and into the music, gives this place a certain charm.

Buzzsaws, shotguns, and repurposed snow vehicles will be used by obnoxious people to decimate your population, but you can supplement the numbers with a few would-be survivors. Additionally, the dead may be changed into mutant creatures who parody Left 4 Dead by blowing themselves up and stealing the living with them or spewing globules of green acid that bubble in sharp contrast to the game’s drab backgrounds. This game’s monochromatic landscape is begging for some vibrant red blood to splash across it.

Even after thirteen years, Left 4 Dead 2 still plays like a Valve shooter. It has aged well despite lacking elaborate, physically-based graphics or global illumination, unlike many zombie video games. Even when contrasted to its brothers with distinct themes, Vermintide and the two criminal games from the Paydays series, it is a zombie game that has unquestionably not been surpassed.


walking dead

We would want to see the following in more zombie video games: The walkers are not the main focus of The Walking Dead. They serve as the setting for a number of tales about human nature. For the sake of defending their own, the main characters in this story are capable of both immense goodness and terrible evil. Only at the conclusion of each episode, when you learn what proportion of other players made the same dreadful concessions as you, can you find solace. By the time it gets to the conclusion, you’ll have to make a lot of these difficult choices.

The easiest way to characterise Telltale’s The Walking Dead series is as a chat system with a timer and social anxiety inspiration. A general melancholy surrounds a feeling of interpersonal warmth, like a campfire on a chilly night. It has a propensity to amuse you and give you a half-hour break before brutally attacking the characters you’ve grown to care about in a way that only the finest adventure games on the PC can. Those cunning villains.

15. Resident Evil 2 Remake

resident evil (1)

As Chris Redfield or Jill Valentine, you are trapped in the notoriously complicated Spencer Mansion, where vicious zombies and lethal mutations lurk around every corner, frequently hidden or prevented by clever environmental obstacles. Fixed camera angles exacerbate the feeling of claustrophobia, and your little supply of items keeps you feeling exposed.

Without Resident Evil, no list of zombie video games would be complete. There are still plenty of jump scares in the games that began it all, whether you were terrified to death by Resident Evil 7 in VR or found yourself continually going back to the intense action classic Resi 4.Resident Evil is one of the best horror games available today, even without the additional complexity given by following sequels.

If that isn’t frightening enough, you can always download the 2015 Steam-remastered version. Resident Evil is every bit as spooky as you remember it being, yet this is a remake of a remake that also includes fresh settings, plot twists, and shocks.