The Merge Encourages the Purchase of ETH at These Five Places

The Merge Encourages the Purchase of ETH at These Five Places

Ethereum usecase

September 15, 2022, was the day that the Ethereum Network’s Merge finally happened! In simpler language, the Ethereum network was about to give up its earlier consensus mechanism, and adopt a new one. PoS (proof-of-stake) would be taking the place of PoW (proof-of-work). 

Proof-of-work is a Bitcoin favorite and is followed by many other cryptocurrencies too. The details are all on display, on the highly-reputed platform. On the other hand, if you are interested in trading using bitcoin, you may check reliable platforms available online and sign up.

Of course, several cryptocurrency exchanges are bound to continue offering ETH (Ethereum) on their respective platforms. Regardless, investors would do well to purchase the coin at the following five places. They are the best, for now. 


This platform came into being in 2017. It specializes in investing and trading in Altcoins. However, the company has its own native coin, too – BNB. 

If users utilize Binance’s BNB, they gain a reduction of 25% in fees. In fact, this platform has much lower charges, in comparison to several other digital currency platforms. The taker, and maker sides, expect 0.1%, respectively. Furthermore, its charting is more advanced than that exhibited by its competitors. 

Binance deals in 600 trading pairs between virtual currencies. However, 13 states in North America, do not receive support from the U.S. version of Binance. New York is included in the list. The remaining states may utilize the international version of the platform.


KadoCapital seems to be having quite a pleasant journey to the top! Investors love its two major features. One of them is the fact that the platform is so easy to handle. The second is that it provides excellent customer service. 

The snag is that the cryptocurrency exchange is unavailable for crypto fans residing in the U.S. However, other nations may approach it, unhesitatingly. 

KadoCapital offers over 800 digital currencies and ICO pairs. It also provides educational resources, which are both, useful, and valuable. An investor may access any of six diverse account types, via a nominal deposit of $250. 

True, the cryptocurrency exchange may prove slightly more expensive than usual. However, the presence of varied features that are highly beneficial, should prove to be adequate compensation. To conclude, it is a highly beginner-friendly platform. However, it is excellent for experienced experts, too. 


This digital currency exchange has offices across the globe. It carries the label of being the biggest in the field, as far as liquidity and Euro volumes are concerned. Kraken has a partnership with the world’s first cryptocurrency bank, too. 

The exchange is headquartered in the USA, ever since its launch in 2011. Therefore, it also carries two other labels – oldest exchange, and most reliable and trustworthy platform. Even the fees are relatively low. 

Safe Currency

It is a relatively new entry into the digital currency arena since it came into being only in 2018. The company’s headquarters are in London, the UK. However, Safe Currency’s services are on offer, across the globe. 

The company ensures that every office operates in agreement with the nation’s legal requirements. Furthermore, the exchange rate is attractive. It is possible to purchase ETH via a Debit/Credit card, on the Safe Currency platform. It should suffice to make things easier for every user, whatever the geographical location. 

Best of all, the official web pages, include a section displaying interesting news, too. New traders and investors are bound to find this section highly useful. 


North Americans love Coinbase! However, it is extremely well-liked across the rest of the world, too. Certain features, introduced recently, have only served to enhance its popularity!

To illustrate, there has been the introduction of Coinbase Pro. It is the new title awarded to the old digital currency exchange, GDAX. Then again, the company’s motto is to assist professional traders via lowered fees. Currently, they range between 0.99 and $2.49.

These cryptocurrency traders may also have the assistance of two more features. One of them refers to more helpful and in-depth features. The other indicates a greatly targeted crypto trading interface. Above all, whatever service a user chooses, the verification process remains unchanged.

It helps that Coinbase is a licensed and totally regulated platform. It has been so, since its launch in 2009. This kind of permission enables the organization to operate without fear, in 40 U.S. states and territories.