Best Alternatives for VLC media player

Best Alternatives for VLC media player

Best Alternatives for VLC media player (2)

Although VLC is one of the most popular and adaptable video players available. There are many more excellent options for individuals seeking the most powerful or effective players included in this list of the Best Alternatives for VLC Media Player.

Look at these alternatives and consider which players would best suit your use case for video and music playing.

The video playback community holds VLC in high regard as a tool that can open almost any audio or video file type. VLC very certainly has the ability to play them back, whether they are esoteric video files, radio stream connections, or anything in between.

It is near the top of many search results and recommended articles for a reason, in addition to being open-source and accessible on all major platforms.

Even though the VLC player is free and has many features, you can search for a VLC substitute because of issues like the bothersome “rebuilding font cache” stuff and unattractive UI.

So for your convenience, we provide you the list of Best Alternatives for VLC Media Player.

1. KM player

km player

KM Player, which is especially popular for media playback, is at the top of the list of the best alternatives to VLC media player.

It includes excellent user-friendly features and a straightforward, appealing user interface. Almost all media formats may be played without any issues.

Regarding this player, a wide variety of formats are supported; the most popular ones are VCD, DVD, AVI, MKV, Ogg, and OGM. They offer MovieBloc MBL crypto coins for various in-app missions, which can be traded on top crypto exchanges like KuCoin and Binance.


  • Nice user base and support from devs. Simple yet beautiful interface.
  • Collect points and exchange them with MovieBloc MBL coins
  • MBL coins are tradable on crypto exchanges like Binance


  • Numerous complaints concerning the slowness and crashes that KM players bring on PCs, as well as its lack of support for media format, were made.

Price and size

  • Free but accepts donations (47 Mb)

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The only improvement we would want to see is the ability for the playlist to appear in the window on the right or left, similar to the old Windows Player 12. The picture becomes tiny while watching videos with a playlist at the bottom.

When evaluating films for editing, we utilize the playlist to examine the titles of my files; we can sometimes have more than 20 on the list at once. ranking 2nd on the list of the Best Alternatives for VLC media player.

The main benefit of MPC-HC may be how lightweight it is. In addition to taking up a little amount of hard drive space, it also uses a remarkably small amount of CPU and system resources when compared to other video players, including VLC.


  • MPC-HC is shown to open up more quickly.
  • Its drag-and-drop functionality is substantially quicker.
  • 4K content support.
  • Supports all formats


  • No updates
  • Does not work on windows XP
  • Horrible customer support

Price and size.

Free (17 Mb)

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3. Wondershare UniConverter

Wondershare UniConverter (1)

One of the top VLC substitutes for Windows and Mac is Wondershare UniConverter, which not only supports over 1,000 file types but also offers a number of flexible features, such as a built-in player that can play any video clip in 4K or HD resolution.

It is a full-featured video toolbox with the ability to burn DVDs, edit, play, and compress films. easily ranks 3rd on our list of the Best Alternatives for VLC media player.

Support more than 1,000 different files, such as MP4, AVI, WMV, FLV, MKV, and MOV.
The built-in video player can play any video/audio file flawlessly.

Subtitle Editor, Video Background Remover, Smart Trimmer, and more sophisticated editing tools. Make your DVD personalized and burn it with free DVD menu templates.
From more than 10,000 video-sharing websites, you can download or record videos.

Fix video metadata, GIF creator, VR converter, and screen recorder are all included in a flexible toolkit.

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  • It has a built-in all-in-one video editor which can do what you can imagine.
  • 120X speed of conversion.
  • macOS 11 Big Sur, Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista Catalina: 10.15; 10.14; 10.13; 10.12; 10.11; 10.10; 10.9; 10.8; 10.7; 10.6.
  • MP4, AVI, WMV, FLV, MKV, and MOV are supported.
  • Compress video and audio without losing quality.
  • Download subtitles/cc and video to mp3 from YouTube.


  • Can be expensive
  • Bulky in size

Price And Size

30 to 60 $ depending on the plan. Professional plans cost 70 to 80 $. (2 Gb ram and 256 Mb for notes req)

4. RealPlayer.


The updated RealPlayer performs flawlessly. We found no indications of lag or sluggishness. Simply put, the program combines a video aggregator with a sophisticated, iTunes-like library for video files you already have on your computer.

With the help of RealPlayer, you may play any type of video, including 3GP, mp4, mp3, wav, flv, and mkv.

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That entire format functions well. RealPlayer allows you to edit your video and makes it look professional by allowing you to add your own playlists as background music. This program allows you to capture any video as well.

RealPlayer is a 24/7 functional media player at the moment. The streams are seamless, and if you have a lot of locally saved material that you would like to organize.

the library function may be helpful to you despite the continual barrage of commercials and requests to upgrade.

A format converter is already incorporated into RealPlayer. It will convert files to RealMedia HD by default, but you can alternatively select from a list of supported formats. Click the Convert to RealMedia HD button to begin the file conversion.


  • Smooth streaming
  • efficient video converter on a free account.
  • Free video resizing.
  • A built-in format converter( 3GP, MP4, RealVideo, WMV) ( RealAudio10, RealAudio Lossless, AAC, MP3, WAV, WMA)


  • Ads
  • GUI needs improvements
  • does stuff without your permission

Price and size

premium costs 29 to 49 $ (100 Mb)

5. PotPlayer


Another VLC alternative on our list is PotPlayer, which can be downloaded for free on Windows with a 64-bit or 32-bit platform. It’s a terrific choice for a media player with a tonne of advanced features and is quite adaptable.

PotPlayer also supports a wide range of music and video file types, including partial or corrupted AVI files. Additionally, it has a DivX player, which is a useful feature.

With a PC or 3DTV, you can watch 3D content with PotPlayer. Since PotPlayer supports OpenCodec, you may add any codec required to enhance your viewing experience without having to spend all your time installing different codecs.

PotPlayer’s capacity to play up to 1,000 distinct media files is yet another fantastic feature.


  • Outstanding customizing options and sophisticated settings.
  • A wide range of file types are supported.
  • Up to 1,000 distinct media files can be played.
  • Smooth and stable.
  • uses less than 100MB while playing big videos.
  • without lags
  • tons of filters for video
  • support 3d


  • Unable to support Blu-ray
  • UI needs improvement

Price And Size

Free (30Mb)

6. MPV


MPV is a video player that runs on MPlayer and is compatible with all of the main desktop operating systems. Particularly among Linux users, MPV is recognized as one of the top VLC substitutes. Although it has a very simple user interface, it is quite stable.

A lot of features favored by videophiles are available in the OpenGL-based video output of MPV, including video scaling using well-known high-quality algorithms, color management, frame timing, interpolation, HDR, and more.

MPV leverages the FFmpeg HW accel APIs to provide video decoding acceleration for VDPAU, VAAPI, DXVA2, VDA, and VideoToolbox.

To make MPV usable as a library and simple to incorporate into other programs, a clear C API was created from the ground up. Despite not having an official GUI, MPV has a little controller that is triggered by mouse movement.


  • Minimalistic
  • fast
  • stable
  • Changing the playback speed doesn’t cause audio dropouts.
  • Can sync and display two subtitles at once.


  • No Gui


Free (22Mb)

7. PowerDVD

PowerDVD (1)

You’ll understand that the multiple award-winning PowerDVD is the only media player you’ll ever require once you’ve used all of its features and capabilities.

All of your favorite material can be stored, streamed, and shared from a single location and then seen on any device with the help of the PowerPlayer mobile app.

In addition, PowerDVD has support for HDR 10 and 4K, as well as 8K video that is incredibly clear. Additionally, it supports a wide range of file types, such as HEVC, XAVC-S, AVC, MP4, and MKV. Additionally, it enables 360-degree video, VR video playback, and spatial audio.

A real and rich movie experience is delivered directly to your house thanks to PowerDVD’s TrueTheaterTM upgrades (including audio, lighting, color, and HDR). Every detail is enlarged, the colors are more vibrant, and the sound is clean and well-balanced.

Which streaming platform—Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, etc.—do you a favor? Casting video, photos, and audio directly to your TV is possible using PowerDVD. It also supports 7.1 channels, Dolby Digital Surround, high-res audio, and DTS.

Although some users won’t require them, the pro ($80) and basic ($50) editions don’t support all the cutting-edge technology. These versions don’t offer cloud sharing or streaming, either.

PowerDVD supports all modern (and some not-so-modern) technologies, such as 3D, spatial audio, 360-degree video, 8K UHD, and more. Both of these editions cost $100 for Ultra and 365 ($55 yearly).

At least for the Ultra edition, Cyberlink has incorporated compatibility with whatever the trendy new thing is or was in the past.


  • It complies with all common file types.
  • Large media libraries may be easily arranged and viewed.
  • TrueTheaterTM improvements to the visual and audio
  • View, cast, share, and stream your preferred material.
  • higher-quality video playback
  • plays movie CDs with copy protection (with a compatible GPU)
  • fresh streaming and sharing options for the cloud


  • Pop-up menus and PC interface dialogues should be improved and contextualized.
  • Your system may become slower when connected to distant or spinning media.

Price and size

54 to 100$ (500Mb)

8. Gom player

Gom player

Data has been gathered for the GOM Player Subtitle Library for over ten years!
It automatically finds and synchronizes subtitles for the currently playing film.

You may enjoy a high degree of immersion in the 360-degree mode in addition to watching the 360-degree films you own.
(Mac OS and Windows XP are not supported).

The plus version offers a cosy playback setting without any advertisements and 4K UHD movies with excellent resolution may be watched without buffering. Technical assistance and service requests are given first priority.

When looking for a VLC Media Player substitute, GOM Player is a great option, especially for those who want sophisticated format and subtitle options.

According to the website, you can “play all videos,” and it does accept a variety of file types. Sadly, Mac users will only discover a few features. For instance, it only works with 360-degree VR films on Windows.

Additionally, a lot of customers complain that GOM Player frequently causes their computers to “hang” and cease responding to input from the keyboard or mouse.

To check the official GOM spec and format supported.


  • It automatically finds and synchronizes subtitles.
  • huge database for subtitles
  • has integrated codecs
  • Playback of 360° VR video is supported on Windows.
  • Please be aware that extra codecs can be required to play video and audio files in different formats.


  • Some features do not work on Mac.
  • It can cause hangs or lags.

Price and size

14 to 64$ plans (200Mb)


The ranking does not matter much; our recommendation will go with potplayer as the most suitable VLC alternative. It is free and has the least amount of criticism of all the others mentioned. After that, MPV stands a chance in the free versions. If you are going to spend money, then try the uniconverter.

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