Top 5 Free Data Recovery Software For PC/Laptop - [Recover Any File]

Top 5 Free Data Recovery Software For PC/Laptop – [Recover Any File]

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Have you by mistake deleted important data from your Personal Computer or external hard disk? Did your computer just crash, making you lose all your important files?

No need to worry. Here is the list of TOP 5 DATA RECOVERY Software we have curated for you that can be downloaded for free and save any more data from being lost.

What Is Data Recovery Software?

Data Recovery Software are applications that allow the user to recover data or  that may have been lost from any electronic medium like hard disks, computers, laptops, cellphones, tablets, etc.

The reasons for data loss can be many like deleted by mistake, malicious virus attack, computer crashing, hard disk failure, or any other problem. Data Recovery Software are there to your rescue. These Data Recovery Software will help you recover lost files, images, audio, videos, or email with just a few simple steps.

Now, let’s get down to know more about the five best available Free Data Recovery Softwares-

1. Stellar 

stellar data recovery software

Stellar is a completely free data recovery software that can help you recover your lost files, audios, images, documents and emails, and whatnot from any medium, be it your hard drive, SSD, or any other USB drive. It also helps you get back files that may have been lost due to device corruption or drive formatting up to 1 GB of Data Recovery from any storage mediums, formatted systems, NTFS, and exFAT Versions.


  • Simple 3 Step Process to recover all your lost data
  • Lost data can even be recovered from an encrypted drive.
  • Allows you to preview files before saving them.
  • Can recover files from RAW partitions as well.
  • Available versions for both MAC and Windows.

2. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

easeus data recovery tool

It is one of the best Data Recovery Software available for free. This Software allows the user to recover all kinds of lost data, be it some formatted files during partition, memory cards, hard drives, or USB drives. Files that may have been deleted from internal or external hard drives or from supporting video players, cameras. Old photos also can be restored with old photo restoration software. Data lost due to virus, malware, or file corruption like system crash or boot failures can also be recovered.

Features –

  • Compatible with both MAC and Windows OS
  • Scans data with a fast scanning algorithm
  • Facility to filter data while scanning the lost files itself.
  • Can repair corrupted JPG/JPEG images and MP4 videos while recovering data. 
  • The free version can recover up to 2 GB of data easily.

3. Disk Drill

disk-drill software recovery tool

Lost files, folders, images, or any other important documents?

Disk Drill can be your perfect Data Recovery companion. With a new generation prominent file recovery algorithm, you can recover your data safely and with ease. From finding the lost files’ location to recovering them, repairing corrupt files, conducting Quick scans,, and recovering data lost during partitions with great speed and accuracy. Disk Drill supports almost all widely used file formats and can recover content from any undamaged storage device.

Features –

  • Highly Reliable and simple to use
  • Free Version supports up to 500 MB Data Recovery
  • Compatible with both MAC and Windows OS
  • Dynamic User Interface
  • 10 Million plus downloads

4. Recuva

recuva data recovery

Recuva is a simple and user-friendly Data Recovery Software with its biggest advantage being no limit to the amount of data recovery you want to do. From Superior file recovery even from unreferenced mediums to recovery from damaged disks, Recuva can do it all. You can even recover data lost from rewritable mediums like hard disk, USB drives, memory cards, etc. Recuva can even securely delete unwanted files leaving no trace of the content.

Features –

  • Supports all kinds of Windows OS
  • Supports all file formats
  • Allows Deep Data Scanning
  • You can preview files before recovering them
  • Deletion of data is at par with Military & Industry Standard Operation.

5. Recoverit Data Recovery

Wondershare-Recoverit data recovery tool

Recoverit Data Recovery by Wondershare is one of the best available Data Recovery Softwares. It is compatible with both MAC and Windows OS and has a free version that can easily be downloaded from their website. You can now recover all your lost files, images, audio, music, and Video from your PC’sPC’s, Laptops, internal or external hard disk, or memory cards with ease and very safely. Files that have become inaccessible during partition can also be recovered with this application.

Features –

  • Recover data from over 1000 types of file formats
  • Recover up to 100 MB of data with the free version 
  • Filtering and previewing content before recovery also possible
  • Corrupted Video can be repaired during recovery as well
  • 3 Step File Recovery process

While simply using your storage mediums or electronic devices, there is seldom a chance for losing crucial data. Still, anyhow, if you lose any important files, emails, archives, images, audios, etc., there is no need to worry. You can always use these Data Recovery Softwares. Files deleted permanently, content lost due to malicious malware or virus attack or corrupt storage mediums. There can be many reasons for the data loss hence these Data Recovery Applications have multiple features to ensure fast, safe, efficient and filtered Data Recovery.

These Data Recovery Softwares are safe to use and will not lead to any device damage and further data loss. Consider your data recovery requirements, the reason data is lost, the kind of data loss, etc, before deciding which Software is best suitable for your needs.