Top 7 Smart Devices to Tech Up Your Home!


With digital technology entering the home environment even beyond our mobile phones and computers, it is high time that more and more of us start looking into the benefits of having these wifi-enabled smart devices in our own homes. They help not just in productivity and fun, but the ecosystem that multiple smart devices together can create also have an additive effect. Now, we can live in a world where our lights, fans, doors, refrigerators, and all other devices can be connected to each other with the power of the internet.

This innovation is only possible because of developments in the field of the Internet of Things (IoT) which wants to connect physical devices to each other. This design philosophy creates home systems that can operate on a single command to the well-integrated structure. To capitalize on this trending tech, our article wants to tell you 7 must-have smart devices. You can find them in stores worldwide and it’s also possible to buy wifi-enabled smart devices online, making it easier to make your house all teched-up!

1.  Smart Cameras

Smart cameras are camera systems that can connect to the wifi in order to broadcast live or recorded video feed from the installed cameras. This video stream can be viewed from any of your smart devices such as smartphones, desktops, laptops, and televisions. You can also directly control the movements of the camera and its various nifty features. Such cameras are very affordable and the connectivity allows you effectively 24/7 surveillance. Smart cameras sold by Arlo, Mi, TP-Link, and SimCam are all very popular.

2.  Smart Security Systems

Locks and security systems that run on digital technology form a part of smart security. What is unique in this system is that these devices can run on the basis of biometric, or digital authorization. Several advanced features, such as notification of incorrect passwords, a live feed of who is trying to access the locks, and can also control various other miscellaneous home automation services.

SimpliSafe, Vivint, and August all produce smart locks. You can also lock or unlock the security using your smart device without having the hassle of carrying keys. You can also lock your home later if you forget about locking it and you’re outside. Safety is much more solid, and this added security makes everyone’s life at home less risky and scary when you know that you and your family are safe.

3.  Smart Lights

These lights are most often based on LED lights. By being able to connect to Alexa or Google Assistant, the smart lights are many fun features. Lights made by Wyze and YeeLight have interesting features such as being dimmable, the capability of producing over 16 million unique colors, controlling the white balance of the bulb. Beyond that, the AI integration of these bulbs allows them to be scheduled to turn off or on at certain times. Secondly, you can also set color and luminance schedules. And lastly, these bulbs can also interface with other smart applications, such as the bulb pulsating with multiple colors when you’re playing a party song.

4.  Smart Switches

What to do if you don’t already have smart devices? Smart switches or plugs are a great way to improve upon existing technology. Their operation is that you can control them turning off and on via voice commands or your smartphone or computer. This then can be used to control or program the schedule of normal lights, fans, and other electronic devices to automatically turn on or off when commanded. Popular smart plug brands include ConnectSense and D-Link.

5.  Smart Heaters and Coolers

Thermostats were one of the most popular devices that technopreneurs were looking to digitalize. Because they have widespread usage in many countries to control temperature, you can use them with the touch of a finger from the comforts of your phone, or even with voice commands. Many air conditioners and heaters are now able to interface digitally with your devices.

Thermostats take it a step further by being able to record and decide to regulate the temperature automatically, based on the commands that have been given. You can also program Smart thermostats to heat and cool based on a given schedule. The EcoBee Smart Thermostat is the most widely used smart heater and cooler.

6.  Smart Speakers

Smart speakers such as Amazon Echo and Google Home are the key links that tie all other smart technology together. They are the piece of tech that directly has to interact with the commands of the user and actively communicate with them. These smart speakers then pass on the commands and orders to the relevant smart device.

At the end of the day, even without existing in a digital ecosystem and rounding it out, smart speakers serve as great multimedia hubs! You can use them to play music as normal speakers, and many other smart speakers also come with screens that can play videos and other media on demand.

7.  Health and Fitness Devices

This is a very wide field of technology that uses digital power to maintain your health and fitness. Smart workout machines can not only give you weights to lift but can also spot you and provide live instructions and feedback on your performance. Smart beds can help you have a sound night of sleep by regulating sleeping position and ambient temperature, while also being able to track your sleeping patterns. Needless to say, all these devices are able to perfectly interface and communicate with the rest of your smart devices.

After having an entire ecosystem powered by the Internet of Things, you can imagine a world where you come back home to dinner and with just one voice command, you have jazz music playing, the lights are warm and inviting, and the temperature is just right to cool off from the day full of summer heat. This is the kind of world that smart technology envisages with us. Everything being convenient and not more than a finger’s touch away is the ideal that it wants to achieve. With this guide, you also know what to buy in order to live in a smart home!